S2+ long threads Head

I would build a triple Led Soldering MBPCB direct on the pill
without using spacer.
Carclo lens are shorter than refector and pill will screw more deep
the result that parts of threads will not contact betwen pill and body because threads finish at abouts 12mm from the head of my orange S2+,similar to this sample:

there is an S2+ version with longer threads than my posted photo?

It is like it is. The threads of the (older) S2 are even shorter.
Mind you: you do need an O-ring. If you can find a thicker one, that would help a bit.
A Carclo optic is not as hard as glass. You still need a lens in front of the optic. Another mm “found”.

And if all this does not help, treat the sympton, and remove a bit of the threads on front side of the pill.

Yes maybe also thicker lens help,but loss light in this case?
As said my orange sample have 12mm gap between the end threads head and glass
would be interest if member post their measures with others colored S2+ Or if they are all equal…

Hello, any progress on this project? I’m interested to build triple LED S2+ too, just don’t really know where/how to start, especially about obtaining the suitable parts …