S2+ question

which direction does the center retaining ring for the driver unscrew from the pill?

counter clockwise


Can’t get the damn thing to budge

How are you holding the pill — If you squeeze the pill too hard in a vise or with pliers —sometimes you are causing a distortion in the pill causing it to be locked
I use a piece of rubber strap ( bungie cord ) in my vise and slowly tighten until it stops turning — it might have locktite on it — try a little heat around the pill

Nope it’s not budging. Tried tweezers, they bent. Tried a screwdriver with a pole-type end but i can only apply torque to one side at a time and it’s not budging from either hole.

I was just holding it in my hand, even in a vice it’s not budging, nor with heat applied via a soldering iron

I usually use 2 nails driven into a small block of wood to remove rings. You just have to tweak them so that they both fit into the holes at the same time.

Finally got it :smiley: Used multimeter pins to apply torque on both sides

Commoners use (SS) nails. :wink:

These retaining rings are why I got snap ring pliers (the ones with the round points).

Although from some — one of my snap ring pliers has a nice twist in it

I have snap ring pliers, but I’ve found that my needle-nosed pliers work better most of the time.

Another question - what gauge is the silicon wire that comes with the drivers? want to avail myself of some spare

I typically use 22 gauge silicone wire to connect the star to the driver in most mods.

However, recently in some smaller lights I’ve started using 24 gauge. It’s easier to work with and is fine for small lights.