S2/S2+ SMO vs OP with XML2 or XPL HI

Does anyone on here have an S2 or S2+ with the following:

SMO with domed XML2
OP with XPL HI

I have every other combination but the above 2. I would like to know which would have the best overall combination of throw and flood. My SMO with XPL HI was built for using outside and I don’t think is floody enough for indoor use. The only domed XML I have is with an OP reflector.

Reason I ask is that the Streamlight I rebuilt last week was for a detective. He liked it so much that he wants another, maybe S2 form factor. Would be used indoors and out.


I just ordered a parts for a new build, going with an XP-L HI in an S2 host, with a qlite rev.a driver at 3.04A. I couldn’t decide which reflector to use, so I ordered a smooth reflector as well (host comes with OP). Not sure if you got your answer already as I see this post was over a year ago, but if your still interested I hope to post photos showing both reflectors beam pattern for comparison.

well I am interested :smiley:
my s2 host with xpl hi is still stuck in customs
I am aiming for a challenge against nitecore p12gt claims

Ha, I recall posting that question. Sure, post up your results as I’d be interested in seeing them. I’ve found the S2 SMO with XPL HI to be my favorite EDC. Have several of them now.

For anyone interested in S2+ comparison shots there are some in this post and some outdoor shots a few posts down.