S2+ xhp50.2

I have a question
I built a convoy s2+ with xhp 50.2 3v with convoy sst40 4 mod driver 5000Ma
How can i increase current on led can i do that with modification r sense resistor

If you want to double the current (theoretically), you can stack another same value resistor on top of the stock R sense resistor.

Is 10A to much for xhp 50.2

On a 3 volt XHP50.2 no, but for the 76 gram host yes. S2+ at 76 grams isn’t a host that’ll take 10 amps. 5 amps is probably max.

Agreed, that host is not built for that kind of current or the heat generated by it. I would call that good and it still is a monster pocket rocket!

Now ist running on 5 amp and is damm bright
Stock R sense is R020
I think i will try to put R015 instead

Welcome to the club. Slightly larger/heavier version. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33011209997.html

ive built quite a few s2+ with xhp50.2 now. Sure it gets unbearable to hold in no time flat… but man, it starts things on fire - instantly. Want to light a cigarette or cigar or even a dutch? absolutely! just as quickly as youd light it with a lighter too… will it last long? long enough to end up as daily carry…. havent replaced much other then lenses and switches…

my thing is, its not the flashlight that cant handle it. its the switch.

At the point it gets really close to desoldering / going nuclear, the switch has melted before any real damage can happen… think of it like a fuse lol. But not many switches this size handle high current (even omptens). 5 amps sure. 15 amps well… how long is the question…


Convoy s2+ host w/Orange peel reflector

Xhp50.2 5400k 3bo

Mtn fet+7135 driver

blue sword special beryl springs bypassed…

getting really crazy, i kept trying to modify a 5050 triple series pcb to be parallel (couldnt find one), and put 3 xhp50.2s on it. got one to finally work but it cant even run for 30 seconds before it goes nuclear…. THAT really is too much for a little s2 .

ill leave you with something to think about it. flashlights turbo to an unsustainable level for what, 30? 45 seconds? then drop to half if not less. if you treat an s2 xhp50.2 in the same fashion, you should never have a problem. YOU are the turbo timer

What about D4 and similar……?

I bet you can use that to light a cigar. Just wear dark sunglasses when doing it.

Now on 5amps i can light thin paper

Why not just buy this S21B already built and ready to go?


I guess the guy already has a bunch of S2+ and just want to keep the consistency?

Maybe so, however, I took my S21B (from the link above) and did the sense resistor mod and then measured tail cap amps - it was pulling 8.8 amps and much much brighter. It's now one of my favorite lights. Of course it gets warm quick and then the drivers temperature control kicks in.

But can you imagine what those amps would do in the smaller S2+? It'd burn your hand in about 10 seconds! I've modded S2's, S2+'s, and S8's up to 6.3 tail cap amps and I would consider that too much.... no matter which LED. Anything over 5.5 tail cap amps in the S2 size is too much IMHO.


R020 removed and bypased still same 5a someone knows why

You might just be reaching maximum current flow. Driver resistance, battery resistance, LED resistance, etc micro resistance everywhere. Time for a spring by pass and the best high current battery topped off to see if it goes just a little higher. On the driver PCB trace thickness is getting to be a factor with high current low voltage.

Spring is by passed baterry is samsung Q30