S21a Triple

I see 20mm blank 35 triples on mtn electronics and 20mm triple tir’s. I’d like to do one with 519a 4500k dd. They sell premade osram w1 and w2 boards. This seems like a good idea with a 21700 and copper pill.

What are some good driver options for such a light?

Will the 20mm triple tir fit in the s21a?

Are there other factors im not considering?

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I’ve made several S21A quads but I’ve never made a S21A triple.
For my quads I used @kiriba-ru S21A Copper Spacers.

The S21A Lens is something like 23.1mm
The Carclo Triple 105xx are 20mm so they might move around on you.
The Carclo Quad 106xx are 24mm so you just need to sand a little off the sides to get it to fit inside the S21A.

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This was one of my more recent S21A Quads:

The S21A uses a 20mm driver which can limit your options.
Convoy sells a 20mm to 17mm adapter so you can use a 17mm driver which may open up several options for you.

S21b uses 22mm, that opens up some of convoys m drivers? Is the main reason errbody makes quads is to have them 2s2p?

All my quads were/are 4p 3V.
2s2p you’d need 2 cells or a 6v boost driver.

Does the Carlco quad mount to the 20mm mcpcb? What drivers have you used? It appears the kiriba ru doesn’t do spacers anymore.

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Yes, the Carclo 106xx Quad optics will fit every 20mm quad 3535 MCPCB that I’m aware of.

I’ve used the MTN-20DDm(I like guppy3drv) and I’ve also done several sense resistor mods on the Convoy 6A 20mm driver, to increase the amperage.
On the Convoy drivers, I don’t recommend going higher than double(in this case 12A) because the thermal step down isn’t aggressive enough.

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The S2+ is 20mm internally and has a shallow ~12mm reflector. I’ve got a 20mm triple with TIR that I’m thinking of putting into one.

The pill would need modding as it takes a 16mm LED board standard. The driver is 17mm, in my case I’m looking at the Convoy 17mm 8A buck driver (I’ve got triple XPL HI leds in parallel.)

With the screw in pill, there should be a bit of leeway with any spacer dimensions.

The guy on ZeroAir has a S2+ with triple Nichia LEDs. Convoy S2+ Nichia 519a Flashlight Review - ZeroAir Reviews about half way down the page there’s the stock S2+ with his triple Nichia next to it. https://zeroair.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/zeroair_reviews_convoy_s2_519a_27.jpg

I just checked with @containerfan and he has several kiraba-ru S21A Spacers available for purchase.

Or you could get an S2+ spacer from MTN and sand it down to make it fit.

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My only fear with something like that would be dropping it and the spacer or MCPCB shifting.

I like the kiriba-ru spacers because they also have that lip to hold the 20mm MCPCB centered in the 23mm spacer.

I also solder the spacer to the pill for an extra layer of sturdiness and better thermals.

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Agreed the kiriba-ru spacers are much better!

But there’s still plenty of surface area between MCPCB and the MTN spacer if it shifts a little.

And if you got the copper MTN spacer, you could solder them all together.

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