s28 6V batteries

I was wondering what is the best/cheapest place to buy s28 6v batteries to use in a camera?

I have Kodak's silver oxide s28 6v batteries (black packaging, green at the end and a rainbow around the letters KODAK) now which are not rechargeable and i have no idea if there are rechargeable batteries of this type?

These batteries cost about 12-15$ each here so... I'm also wondering if these batteries are comparable to cr123(a)'s because they look similar in size.

Those are commonly called a 2CR1/3N battery and you can find them made by Duracell, energizer etc under that name. It may also be cheaper and easier to find sr-44 cells and wrap 4 of them in a piece of tape as that produces the same result. I use the 4xSR-44 cells in my camera.