S70, Convoys, Q8 (BNIB), random other lights

I need to sell off some unused lights (amongst other things) to help pay for some bills. I don’t really want to, but life happens. All the lights work and are in excellent or new condition. Prices listed are shipped in USA. Anything international will require I check shipping options to your country/location. I’m a fair person, so I’ll take offers.

Left to Right:

  1. Convoy S2+ shorty with xp-g2 on Noctigon w/convoy 8*7135 driver (newest firmware) throws really well - SOLD Cu42
  2. Convoy S2+ triple…xp-g2 or 3 (sorry) :frowning: on copper pill w/retaining ring and MTN-17DDm driver - SOLD raccoon city*
  3. Convoy S2+ 365nm UV - $20 PENDING Cereal_killer

  1. Thorfire S70 (not s70s) (like new) comes with box and all accessories, only used for distance testing - $-47- Now 45
  2. XinTD project (like new): led intact, driver removed, but included. I have an upgraded 3AA carrier (not pictured). I planned on modding this with an xh-p 50.2 J4 5700K 6V mounted on a noctigon - didn’t get around to it. - $35 PENDING joker145
    …with LED included - $40
  3. BNIB BLF Q8 - $55
  4. Sofirin “300-led” (more like 12) :slight_smile: - $17

  1. Jetbeam E10R (like new, threw the box away) - $17
  1. Crappy light - $free with purchase if you want it
  2. UltraFire U-F10 (new) - $5 with other purchase (too cheap to sell on its own:))

"Convoy S2+ triple…xp-g2 or 3 (sorry) on copper pill w/retaining ring and MTN-17DDm driver – $22"

I'll take this if it works fine with a protected 18650 cell.

EDIT: PM incoming.

Ill help you out,I’ll take convoy x3.

I can’t tell from the pic, if the black S2 UV is a Nichia LED I’ll take it.

Two people ahead of me and I don’t want to take it away from anyone but if you’d like the convenience (and money savings) of then both to the same person I would buy them both. Pocket yourself an extra $7.95not having to pay for a second shipment.

Didn’t see a protected cell this morning, but I should have one. I’ll look as soon as I’m back home.

Thanks, but did you mean the Xintd x3 or the third convoy?

Yep, it’s a nichia.

I would take either or both of the first two - S2 shorty or triple if anything falls through.

The Q8 prices have taken off…over retail

PMs sent to above folks regarding pending sales.
Thanks all. I really appreciate it.

First post updated with sold lights.
Feel free to make me an offer…. :slight_smile:

I received the Convoy S2+ triple a while ago.

(I don't remember exactly when.)

It's a nice flashlight.

I'm very happy with the purchase.

Thanks sprinkles. Got my shorty in perfect shape fast shipping.