safe flashlights for children? 6 and 9 years old...

Hi, I want them to have a good flashlight, but 4000lm or so maybe it is just dangerous for them?

What do you think?

What models would you recommend?

Convoy T4 with 2xNiMH AA batteries.

Mmmm, 4000lm and kids is like giving a gun to a monkey. You know they’ll be shining it into each others’ faces, etc.

Drop that by an order of magnitude and you (and they) should be okay.

And yeh, 2×AA lights can be quite good. Convoy, Wurkkos, Sofirn, etc., make good’uns.

you have come to the wrong part of the internet for this enquiry… lol

some people, myself included use a Convoy S2 with a 3x7135 driver. However this needs close supervision cause they can unscrew the body and have access to a dangerous 18650 cell… I’d go with stephenk’s suggestion; Convoy T4 with 2x*NiMH* AA batteries.

I think it depends on how mature, responsible, & trustworthy they are. And can they follow directions extremely well.

Only you can answer those questions.

I know two brothers that had 4 inch fixed blade knives when they were 5 & 4 years old. They wore & used them without supervision after initinal knife safety & use instruction. Never a problem either, not even an accidental cut.

You know your boys, it might be a 4000 lumen light is just fine for them. AND then again a 100 lumen light might be overkill.

Ok, very good recommendations, thanks

I just want something that will not hurt them but will not break in the first fall to the floor…

1AA 100 lumens or less.
Plus supervision when they are being used.

A simple 1xAAA light could also be a good option to start them off with.
I like the SingFire SF-348, which has a single mode (about 50 lumens with NiMH) and is easy to take apart if you want to replace the Cree XP-E.

It’s shiny too! Kids like shiny things, right? Well, I like them at least.

Sofirn C01S. Tons of light more than we had in the 70th, still safe I presume. Let them use Eneloops. Many body color choices!

I gave my young kids a Convoy T2 and a Skilhunt E2A. The button on the Skilhunt is a little bit stiff for a child, but otherwise either of these are good lights for kindergarten or maybe preschool and up, in my opinion.

I gave a Nitecore Tube v2.0 to my 2.5 years old. It’s rather safe with a max brightness of 55 lumen and no access to the Li-ion battery, and still fun to play with, with one click to low mode, two clicks to high mode and hold for ramp. There is a very visible PWM on the low mode which is actually a great feature for a toy light! The thing is made of plastic and very light so I expect it to resist well to falling on the ground (it has happened a few times already and so far so good).

The next one will probably be a Maglite Solitaire with NiMH battery: similar brightness, only one mode but more fun with disassembly, switching batteries and especially the candle thing.

For a 6 or 9 years old I would probably go for a Sofirn SP10 Pro: still very safe when used with NiMH battery, except for the brightness maybe so that’s assuming the kids are reasonably responsible. I’ve seen people looking for simple UI for a kid’s flashlight but that seems wrong to me: on the opposite I imagine a kid that age would love the ton of features in Anduril and would be good at learning the UI. Maybe when my child is actually 6 I’ll see my mistake though…

I don’t suggest them many times but this sounds like a good time for an AA or a AAA mag light.

either a one mode AAA twisty or a 9 LED 3 AAA dollar store thing

Very thanks to all of you.

I am glad I forgot about my idea of something like imalent ms03… haha.

Are you sure the flashlight you looked at isn’t rated in Chinese lumens. I have a very nice, inexpensive aluminum flashlight that uses a CREE XML-T6 bin. I frequently see is listed at ridiculous lumen counts. The CREE website shows the actual maximum for this LED as just under 1000 lumens. Even that I think is a bit too bright for young kids who often flash a light in other people’s eyes. My favorite is a cheap plastic, 2 AAA cell light sold by my local 99cent only store (CA and Southwestern chain of dollar stores) still for just a buck without batteries. It is a throw-away light perfect for kids. Plenty bright to see everything in the dark but not so bright it will blind you if shined at your face. It is best used with alkaline batteries but does work with NiMH batteries as well.

my 2,5 years old plays with old school plastic 2d inc light. i used to not worry about him playing with my locked kr4, but he keeps pressing the switch, and manages to unlock it, now he figured how to unlock it, now i have to hide it as soon as i come home,

These are supposed to be on sale for $5.49 right now if you click the 50% off box, batteries ARE included

please consider your children’s friends.

your children may respect health and property,
but their friends might not. in this case, i would
recommend azj’s post. super-simple and cheap.

Fireflies E07 XP-L HI with a Molicel P42A is the safest light.

What is safety? Inability to hurt yourself with? Probably not possible, you can hit someone with it or throw it. Children should be smart enough to not shine in their eyes or look into it too long, even I can make a mistake. Children can be taught to use guns so flashlights would not be very harmful, it’s unpleasant to look into a light too long. I don’t think the thrunite Ti3 is a bad light, it’s a good one but giving kids flashlights with a simple UI like biscotti would be fine, i think you’re more worried about the hotspot? A diffused light won’t be as bright in one spot so one with a wide TIR seems harmless since it’s multidirectional.

If I got a 4000 lumen light as a kid I don’t think I’d be blind. If the light is for utility I think a sofirn SP10 Pro with simple UI and AA would be bad. I think li ion battery fear is overblown too. We didn’t have this fear with smartphones and with protected cells it’s not an issue.