saintfire flame a new flashligh:T30
2.USE Two 18650 battery or four CR123 battery
3.Max 1000 lumins output
4.500m long throwing beam
If you interested in the T30,you can send email to

ok, no pictures isn't going to get you very much interest

I found your website. That's not a bad looking flashlight.

I see you posted about this on another website, too. What does agent price mean? Can I buy just one for $17.8?

Thanks very much for attend saintfire,The upgraded T30 was finished,but we have not

issued on the website.

I am very sorry that the retail price is 58usd,the agent prcie is 23.8usd

if you post again when the website is updated I'll have a look

saintfire, your post states in #4 that the light has a 500m long throw beam.

Your website states that the light has 350m max beam throw.

Which is it?


Your post also states in #3 that the light has max 1000 lumens output.

Your website states that the light has max 465 lumens output.

Which is it?


I'm dazed and confused by the contradictory information. Please delight and enlighten me with the real technical specs., of this new T6 light!

Simple: 465 agent lumens, 1000 retail lumens :slight_smile:

Yah...the new light is T6 emitter, but the OP specs., are typical hype.

I'll have a look again when the new light is posted on their website.

Hopefully, they'll have some beamshots at 500m throw.

he said its not on the website yet - light w/ same model number on website is mce not xm-l. Also looks a bit short for 2x18650, but who knows...hardly any details in description...

still, i doubt the xm-l version does 1000 lumens either...

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we will issue the T30 to the website as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for your attention.

we upgraded the model of T30,

T30 is use MCE LED before,and Throw max 465lm output,350m beam distance

the upgraded T30 use XM-L U2 LED,and throw max 1000lm output,500m beam distance

What will be the price for BLF?


the retail price of T30 is 58usd

the agent price of T30 is 23.8USD

and we will provide the agent price to BLF.