SAK...... Swiss Army Knife..... Thoughts?

I always carry a simple Victorinox and a light in my pocket. I work in a school and have a family, a swiss army knife is the only knife that I can use in public without anyone finding it offensive. On top of that it is an extremely useful set of little tools, I even use the plastic tooth pick regularly.

Taking a walk through Spokane, just about every dude you see will have the telltale clip of a pocket knife showing. About the only knife I don’t carry here are the assisted flippers. But for travel to other places, jury duty or doctor’s visits, I always carried a small slip joint like a Case, Buck, etc. These SAKs are about as “sheep friendly” as you can get because everyone recognizes them and none of them evoke much of a reaction. I’m already hooked on these SAKs because they fill a gap in my EDC that I didn’t realize was there. Next, I’ll be looking for a Mechanic in black. But seeing that I just bought 3 stun guns, a watch, tactical pen, tent and 3 pocket knives in the last 2 days, I have to lay low before I can buy any more SAKs.

I believe Fisher’s space pen would look good in this set of yours :D!

I have some Vic’s, they are great.
And as many of you, Im also carrying different tools on different days.
I find it hard to justify Wingman in my shorts pocket on a hot sunny day at the beach, Vic, on the other hand, suits perfect and slides into pocket unnoticed :)!

My tactical pen takes the Parker gel refills which are almost identical to the Fisher. So I have the best of both worlds: a tactical gel pen :slight_smile:

16999 Swiss Army Knife

Behold the Mother of All Swiss Army Knives, a multi-tool created by John S. Holler in Germany around 1880. The knife actually predates the Swiss Army Knife, which started production about a decade later in 1890.

The knife has 100 functions, including every types of blades imaginable. It has a serrated blade, dagger blades, shears and scissors, an auger, a corkscrew, saws, a lancet, button hook, cigar cutter, pens and pencils, mirror, and straight razor. You can even use this tool to tune a piano, as it has a piano tuner built in. Hungry? It’s got a butter knife so you can butter your toast.

But that’s not all: This is a knife you can actually bring to a gunfight. It has a fully functioning .22 caliber five-shot pinfire revolver. And as if that ain’t enough, the tortoise shell handle covers of the knife open up to hold picks, tools, and even mini folding knives.

A fully functioning .22 caliber five-shot pinfire revolver … and a butter knife!

Notable blades: Straight razor and tuning fork.

Notable functions: Cheese fork and the kris blade.

The flip side of the knife opens up to reveal … a small crucifix knife, perfect for killing vampires!

Sadly, it does not have a bottle opener. That’s because the bottle cap wasn’t invented until 1892.

Photo: Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History, Kenneth E. Behring Center. Catalog Number 1986.0101.03

Copied from here

I carry a Swisstool Spirit X. It’s my backup knife along with the other implements.

Haha, it even has a pistol, really :D?!

How big is that thing? Any pictures of it beside something for reference?

“Its handle is about 10 inches long, 6 inches wide and 4 inches deep…
The tool weighs in at around 9 pounds, and with everything fully extended, the object reaches about a foot in diameter…”

The attention to detail & craftsmanship… Can you imagine the hours it took?

Wouldn’t that be a German Civilian Knife?

That is a wonderful object. I’d be more than proud to own that.

Pretty amazing.