SAK...... Swiss Army Knife..... Thoughts?

Recently I discovered a multi-tool forum. They are way into SAK’s. So me being me I bought a few. Not a bad deal so it seems. Small , useful in day to day life. People don’t get excited when you pull one out… Anyone else mess with them or have any opinions?

Like ’em. Have quite a few (around 100). Even have modded some. I do carry one. But, for all-around, every day use, a Leatherman works better for me. I usually carry both.

I carry knives that are just knives now, but at other times I have carried what I consider to be the upgrade from Swiss Army Knives, the Camillus US military version of the Boy Scout knife. I have some that I have rounded the corners on.

My thoughts exactly… great backup

I’ve had a Champion for the past 30 years and it gets used quite often. There’s nothing cheap about it like the knock-offs. One of the best investments I’ve made!

Leatherman is better for real work. SAK stainless is too soft for heavy duty use. Love the SAK Classic tho.

I ruin the knife blades fairly quickly but the other tools haven’t failed me.

For me, the knife and the scissors quit early. Can’t really sharpen them either. The other tools are alright. The saw, for some reason though, works like gang busters.

I got mine from Hoffritz and at the time, they offered free lifetime sharpening. Their branding is stamped in the plastic so they know.

The screw in scissors comes loose. Could that be the problem? I blue Locktited mine.

I gave away the one I had. just couldn’t get to like it enough to keep in my pocket. My solution is a Maxpedition “Fatty” EDC organizer, it carries tools that are of use to me rather than what someone else thought might fit my daily needs.
Nothing against them it’s just they’re not for me.
If they were customizable so you could easily fit the blades you wanted then maybe I’d go for one.
I understand that some Leatherman tools allow easy tool swaps and I might have a look more closely at them but I’m sorted for now.

Yeah, that’s one of the problems. I’m gonna try that on my Classic. Thanks for the tip.

Have had a victorinox for like 20 years now. Though it can be a usefull tool, now it is really just used as gloryfied nailcutter in my car….

I think a good knife and multitool are a better way to go. More versitile and better suites for the heavier worm. Though you don’t have a corkscrew handy… :wink:

I’ve bought about a half dozen Victorinox in the last month and I seriously like them. I believe in carrying the right tool for the right job, and there are a lot of times a larger blade or multi-tool isn’t appropriate or likely to be needed. I don’t take a Delica to the doctor’s office, and a Cryo is too heavy for my pajamas.

I also have a Maxpedition EDC organizer full of my most rugged beater tools like the Wingman, BA10 and Tenacious, but it’s not something I bring to the grocery store a half mile away. So what I carry is mostly situational, though I try to take the saying of “the best tool is the one you have on you” into account. Right now I’m in my pajamas with a Victorinox Executive in my pocket.

(Below you can see the Becker BK14 poking out the back, snuggled next to the Aluminum spork in that netting on the outside)

(And here’s what’s in my pocket now. So light I can’t feel it in my pocket and some good capabilities for how small it is.)

One thing I have noticed about the SAKs is that my camera loves them. Whether you love them or hate them, they certainly look good. I would still rate Leatherman higher overall as far as useful tools, but they certainly don’t compete with the fit and finish of my Victorinox overall.

The ironically-funny thing about collecting knives is that they most often get used to open packages containing other knives.

I think they’re great, I have a couple. You can’t go wrong with them really, and they’re fit and finish is so consistent that people take it for granted. I have been meaning to pick up a farmer for a while.

I keep a Rambler on my keyring, and quite often use my Victorinox GAK, keep meaning to pick up a Farmer.

I always carry a Compact.

I like the slightly bigger versions with blade lock more. There is even a version with onehand opening I use regularly. I have read that some have send their 50year old knife to the factory and got a new blade from warranty…
I also like the mini screwdriver which can be screwed in the winebottleopener.

SAKs are great. as long as they have a one-hand opening liner-lock blade and SCISSORS!

that’s right, victorinox doesn’t sell such a model so i had to add the scissors layer from the Outrider then transplant it into the OHT. a lot of work but it’s worth it!

I do like the size. You can carry them anywhere… Apart from on airplanes

I believe they have a TSA-friendly version that’s just scissors and a nail file.