[Sale is over] Fujitsu LSD AA & AAA batteries super cheap on Newegg - USA only

[Sale is over]


Looks like the AAA batteries are sold out, but there are still some AA batteries left.

And although I got free shipping earlier, it looks like free shipping is no longer available if you order $50 worth of batteries before the discount.

USA only.

I just ordered 8 AA and 8 AAA for $19 plus tax.

Tax might not be charged if you're not in California.

These might be Eneloop rewraps.

The AA are 2550mAh and the AAA are 800mAh.

You have to sign up for email advertisements from Newegg before ordering to get the full discount.

If you order $50 worth of batteries BEFORE the discount, you get free shipping!

That's what I did.

Scroll down to the middle of this linked web page (or just look at the image below for an overview)


Wow! What a deal! :open_mouth:

I agree.

I've been getting email ads from Newegg for quite a while and this is the cheapest I've seen LSD batteries from them (or anyone).

Nice one! I believe these are made in the same factory (FDK) as the Eneloops and are identical.

Good deal.

I wish I had a need for them.

We are awaiting confirmation from chibim to see if the eneloop guy says that fujitsu lsd are rebranded eneloops… same with ikea ladda and a few more

Thank you raccoon city!

Ummm… My understanding is that Eneloops are re-branded Fujitsus! They are, after all, the “F” in “FDK”. ChibiM has explained it all before. Panasonic bought the Eneloop name, but not the facility.

Great find raccoon. Just picked up 8 of each & then an additional four of the 2000 mah AAs (also discounted, just not as much).

That is correct. To avoid antitrust concerns from the acquisition of Sanyo by Pansaonic the battery manufacturing facility & other NiMh related assets were sold to FDK. Furthermore since Panasonic is now producing Eneloops in China, the Fujitsu cells are the only ones that are solely produced in Japan.

I snagged a bunch of the Black Fujitsu AAA's off ebay about a year ago for a little under 1.50 a piece but had to buy a bunch to get it done .

I'm a good friend of ChibiM's but would suggest you just buy them regardless of what Chibi says . they are great cells and I'd buy them before they're gone ....

Long pause ....while I rush off and order 3 packs of each.

yeah my suggestion is buy them ...and then ask ChibiM what he thinks.

Pretty sure I remember his response when he heard what I'd bought and what I'd paid for cells off ebay .

Thanks for the great find raccoon city . I've been waiting on a good NIMH deal :)

FYI, AmazonBasics ones are produced in Japan as well, and are believed to be Eneloop clones, too.

Hey you hooked me up when I was looking for an LSD deal.

(Also, you helped with those batteries.)

Technically not clones but re-wraps of Fujitsu cells. Duraloops are as well. And some others. :smiley:

I keep looking at your avatar .....

I keep looking at your avatar

Like WOW man .. It's like ..psychedelic !!!

It depends. Some are made in Japan while others are sourced from China and it’s gotten to the point where it’s hard to tell what’s what. There appear to be at least two different styles of white wrappers, two black wrappers & the grey ones.

Here's an excellent guide on rewrapped Eneloops:


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I should have been more clear. I was referring to the AA grey ones, which are the high capacity ones, equivalent to the black Fujitsu ones that OP linked to.

If you have a Paypal account you can get a free year of Shoprunner for free shipping on your order …sweet

That's pretty cool.

I had never heard of Shoprunner until now.