[SALE] lighted aux boards, D1 and D1S multicolored

Based on Generation 1 2 channels with optional trimmer for D1, D1S can’t fit trimmers

any color combinations are possible each LED could have a different color

D1(S) based on 20mm Noctigon board

2 options

  • direct light here the LEDs get placed next to the main LED
    board is best to sand as thin as possible, and sand the LED gasket the same amount to stay in focus

- indirect light shining on the Gasket (not tested yet)

LEDs as you wish colors and patterns
450nm blue, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, ice blue, WW, CW (the yellowish green is too inefficient)

[LED colors] (top are most efficient, bottom inefficient)

LED color and each single LED current based on my “medium 0.5mA” brightness level

green 19.1uA
blue 21.2uA
ice blue 25.2uA
pink 30.7uA
CW 38.7uA
WW 40.2uA
red 50.9uA
orange 124uA
yellow 206uA

my LED brightness scale is based on my Rainbow+WW boards total current while LEDs seem same brightness

It is possible to define a total current consumption with trimmers on max position
I got a very complex table to calculate the needed resistances


direct 2,5€
+1€ sanding to 0.1mm

indirect 3,5€ (soldering of LEDs is tricky)

shipping from 1.2€ untracked international air mail

Any chance to see photos of these AUX LEDs already installed?

I will buy if any are available, for when you come back . I would assume the could fit in the kr1