[Sale Withdrawn] Brass D4v2 4500k E21a

Brass, 4500k E21a, warm white switch backlight, pocket clip and 18350 tube included, as well as an extra optic (my plan was to polish one to have a slightly less floody option).

The tailcap has a few scratches from trying it out but it is brass after all… so that’s just the start of the patina, which can also of course be easily polished.

$75 Shipped (in the USA)

Decided to keep it for now, I really like using it with the short tube, fits in my coin pocket!

Are there AUX leds?

Pictures please? :slight_smile:

PM sent.

Yes, it has the RGB AUX leds

I need to figure out how to post pictures . . . I will work on that

There is a link in my signature on how to post pics.

Thank you!

Also I think I am going to take this sale down, because now that I have been trying it out with the 18350, I really like having it my coin pocket.