Salvaging -16340s- 17360s

Has anyone salvaged 16340 cells ?

These are old batteries for a Panasonix camera, the FZ30.
They are 7.2V 1200mAh 710mAh
Quite expensive when the camera came out, about $100,
now less than $10 on ebay-

I suspect they have 2 x 16340 cells.
Do you think they’re worth breaking into ?

It's possible it has two 16340s, but I doubt it. The big name li-ion manufacterers haven't ever gotten into 16340s so I doubt these are 16340s. (16340s were invented by the owner of EDCF)

You’re right Scaru.
They contain mauve CGR17360
marked with MH12210 B5707

In series, one has 2.07V, the other, zero.

I don’t think I’ll bother ripping apart the others.

For reference:

I bet those will fit in flashlights that can take 18350s.
Plus those are Panasonic!

Damn. Now I need to buy another flashlight. !

Datasheet Panasonic CGR17360.pdf
Panasonic CGRs can give higher amps, no? I believe I’ve read the chemistry is a bit like a IMR LiMn.

Comment about CGRs comparing as good as AW IMR.
Pretty sure I’ve seen more threads with tests & comments about the CGR chemistry. I have a laptop pack with cgr18650d so I went looking for CGR info.
Here we go! “CGR are Panasonic equivalent of IMR, chemistry is: LiNiO2 Co, Mn doped.”

Panasonics also tend to be resilient. People have recovered them from the brink of death. :ghost:

Really nice when you can see the silver lining.

Plus the cells are free if they will charge and have some capacity.

hmm, so maybe it could be worth buying old li-ion battery packs cheap from thrift stores then?

They fit in the Small Sun ZY-C1.