Samd Club 3 cree

I was shopping at sams today and noticed these. Have any of you guys seen or heard of these? I am wondering if their the same as the trustfire 3 cree.

OK the pics aren’t showing up for some reason.

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Welcome by the way. :bigsmile:

are those energizer 18650?!

these must come with a charger.

are they side or tail switch?

No, those are 4 CR123 batteries you are seeing.

OK, got it. Thanks BTW, it would’ve taken me forever to figure that out. I’m used to uploading directly from my PC to a forum. I think the next time I’m there I will pick it up and try it out.

Yeah I thought that too they are facing back to back in those packages. Did not see them at my Sams Club last time I went. They still had the “Rocky” green GITD 3 AAA flashlights.

They had a bunch of the rocky’s.

What I am noticing is that finally some higher lumen lights are leaking into US retail and that's good, but overall, I am seeing much higher pricing. I see 500 lumen lights for $50 and $40, as well as the overpriced Maglites and the trend is going to more $40 and $50 lights. Hopefully, when the market gets saturated (in about 5 more years, LOL), the prices may come down. It's still cheaper to buy from China and wait, than to get something off the shelf. (Defiant exception noted).

Which led is in those lights? Heck, I'm not even a Sam's member.

I bet 18650s will work and I need some cr123s (probably worth at least $10). If I get this my financial advisor might not want me to order a uf-v3 and xpg2s however…

Good to see something at Sams instead of Costco :slight_smile:

Haven’t a clue what LEDs are in them. I wished i would’ve just took the plunge and got it. I’m hoping its comparable to the trustfire. Then again the LEDs didn’t look like XM-L’s either. Crap, now i want to go back and get it!!!

If i got it i was going to use two 18650’s. Ya Sam’s seems to be stepping up. Now if I could get them to carry eneloops then I might just kick Costco to the curb.

I was at Sams in Warner Robins, Ga on Saturday and didn’t see this light.

If i got it i was going to use two 18650’s. Ya Sam’s seems to be stepping up. Now if I could get them to carry eneloops then I might just kick Costco to the curb.[/quote

I doubt it runs of 18650s, they probably don't fit. :(

It could be 3 x Cree XP-G’s in this one. I wish someone would purchase one that has a Sam’s Club membership

Well if they wont accept 18650’s then I will use AW RCR 16340 cells. I will pick one up next weekend or sometime this week when I’m back out that way. My curiosity is killing me.

That will also most likely kill it due to the higher voltage. :(

I am probably making a trip to Sams tomorrow. If I do I will at least check it out and report back.

I must admit that I do have a lot to learn about how these new lights work, However i am very familiar with electronics especially when it comes to two way radio communications. I will do some more research and try to be up to speed.