Same battery?

I’m looking at getting some protected Panasonic 18650Bs. As I understand, IOS and BG are still shipping Li Ion batteries (DX out of stock).
However, comparing IOS and BG, the batteries do not look the same (different wrappers) and IOS price is MUCH higher. Are these the same batteries?

Higher quality protection circuit and shorter length (.7mm roughly) on the IOS cell.

Other than that they’re the same.

Panasonic 18650ncrb have the highest capacity with 3400mAh and cost 16.5$ a pair with coupon bgf120 and free shipping from banggood.

The intoutdoor perform just like every other protected ncrb, so in my eyes no need to buy batteries two times the price. The cell inside is always a Panasonic ncrb, just protection and wrapper are different. I have a lot of the standard generic protected ncrbs with clear wrap and all perform very good.

These keepower 18650 a mm shorter than the generic protected ncrbs, this can matter in some flashlights.

To compare different batteries you can use this
It’s a battery comparator based on the results from the Forum member HKJ and can be very helpful.

Thanks for the comparator link, very useful indeed! Also the KeepPower are interesting as they are slightly shorter, so thanks for that one also.