[Sample] 2AAA Manker PL21 PenLight

Penlight with 2 AAA batteries is easy to carry, and also safe (EDC) portable flashlight.
Can be put in the pocket or put in the bag, the battery is very convenient to get.
Do not worry about the dangers of using lithium batteries.

The Manker PL21 is the latest flashlight from Manker.
This Manker PL21 should be a sample still.
Packaging or flashlight may have changes.

PL21 has 2 kinds of LED optional.

  1. Cool white CREE XPG3 5-60-200lumens
  2. Natural White Nichia 219C 3-50-160lumens
    Low-Medium-High-Low- Medium-High-strobe, cycling
    Open on low, no memory.

Manker has always been environmentally friendly carton packaging, labeling.

Clip, matte surface, good texture

Beautiful Plum blossom

black and white

Take a photo with Driftwood

Very obvious trademark design, high quality

Wave impact …

White waves surging

Nichia 219C 90CRI 4000K

Beautiful, good texture of the clip

Screw fixed

Metal tail


head marked

Colorful night I

Colorful night II

Colorful night III

Colorful night IV

Colorful night V

2. LuminTop IYP365 (Nichia 219B)
3. Manker PL21 (Nichia 219C 4000K 90CRI)
4. LuminTop IYP365 (Nichia 219B)
5. GPDesign PP-16 (XP-E2)


2. LuminTop IYP365 (Nichia 219B)

3. Manker PL21 (Nichia 219C 4000K 90CRI)

4. LuminTop IYP365 (Nichia 219B)

5. GPDesign PP-16 (XP-E2)

Beautiful light color I

Beautiful light color II

Beautiful light color III

Thanks for watching

I want it

Gorgeous pictures! :+1:

I enjoyed those pics, thanks!

When and where will it be available and price?

I want buy 1 of this !! (Nice clip design !)
Thanks for the review.

Yes, I like this design too.

thanks for the beautiful pictures. The price of PL21 would be $25.95

Looks like quite a nice light. I might have to get one and check it out. I have been finding that a penlight works very well for me at work.


Run 2 rounds of L-M-H
You get a strobe
If you do not like strobe
There will not be a trouble too much

I want 2

I want 1

Gorgeous pictutres ! Incredible !
The penlight is good too, slightly longer thant the IYP365 that is IMO a perfect penlight.
The 219C 4000K is a good choice I think, and that clip seems really robust (I hope that it’s still usable on jeans pockets…)
I hope to see it at a more reasonable price of 20$ in the near future :slight_smile:

And we also have another solid candidate for a titanium version. :smiley:

When can I get it?

what kind of camera did you use to take the photos Steel_1024 ?

Fujifilm X-T1


i want 2 now

of course i’m talking about the Fujifilm X-T1