[Sample] MATEMINCO Large Torch MT-70 Plus(Astrolux MF04s)

MATEMINCO MT-70 Plus, using CREE XHP70.2 LED

With such a large shell, using XHP70.2 is very reasonable
In addition to excellent heat dissipation, LED life can be extended
Have the advantages of throw and flood both

Maintain the same shell design as MT-35 Plus
In addition to black, there are more gray optional, visual will be a little bit of military green

The biggest feature of the MT series is that it can share the battery compartment

He is my brother


Same shell, using different LEDs

Really a big one

XHP70.2 visual should be natural white NW

4 light cores with even brightness

Boost circuit

LED 12V wiring

MT series shared battery compartment

Green button indicator (breathing) light

Tripod hole, strap ring

Outdoor test:
A total of five levels of brightness, in addition to Strobe, SOS, beacons and keys locked
Modes is practical and the operation is not complicated

When taking a photo, center of the photo set a little bit overexposure only
So the photo does not look brighter than the spot







MT-35 Plus(Turbo) vs. MT-70 Plus(Turbo)

update 23/6 2018
MT-35 Plus CW vs. MT-70 Plus NW


Thanks for the great pics as always. How do you always get these lights before everybody else!?

I wish the 70.2 was dedomed for maximum throw.

He is the light saber boss.

The military green one is mine, thanks!

Nice pic as always steel

Its Year Of Thrower Flashlight / a Big Head Flashlight 8^)

Please post long distance beam shots, would love to see a comparison of this one to the BLF GT XHP-70.2… Clash of the Titans!!!

Sweet looking light. Driver looks quite robust. Will we see this or astrolux brandedversion instead?

How much current is the driver pushing to the LED? is it regulated?

Looking forward to this 70.2 a lot!
Thanks for the shots

Wait, that looks like the early drivers from the MF01.

It must be pushing a lot of current. Probably something like 8A spread across 3 inductors.

Do you think they will be available in CW?

Can’t wait. And please have a CW option. And make turbo 8+ amps

CW please.

Green…temptation… :slight_smile:

I really like the green one. I'm getting one If it comes in CW even though I promised myself not to buy any more flashlights this year. :)

I fully understand you… :slight_smile:

Yes, there will be CW and NW options

Does it have a copper mcpcb?

In for one in CW! :smiley:

Was Costen. Dinero. Gelt. Moolaa. Moneeeeey.

Think I’ll go the shaved 70.2 NW.
Have a Imalent DN35 and a Convoy D6 Was after a D2 for in the middle.
but this looks pretty good.

I could stop at around 20. IF they would stop turning more out all the time hey,
every time you turn around, there’s another “betterer” one on the way.