Samsung INR18650-24S… well above 2000mAh and up to 30A continuous!

Bench Test Results: Samsung 24S 18650...fantastic, hard hitting 18650, beats VTC5A/5D/6A

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No use for having such high continuous currents if the battery will only last a few minutes doing so.
Also lower capacity and higher distance current = higher C discharge rate, which translates to shorter lifespan.

A better choice is the 35E which can do a reasonable continuous current, 10-15A, and has the highest capacity of any 18650.
If you need more current you should be using multiple parallel cells, or larger capacity cells like 5500mah 26650.

Between you and me Enderman, you know there's no need to explain that to me. ;-)

But this is an awesome high discharge cell (besides the 20S, rewrapped by Vapcell) and we know certain fellows will get pleased with the Kcd numbers in their FET C8's (and the :-) like) with cells like these.


Thanks, looks like a very high performance cell. I guess these are made to go in power tool packs or something?

I’m curious how this cell differs internally from a cell like the 30Q. Is there a big difference in the electrode compositions that accounts for the IR difference, or is it just making the active material layer thinner to reduce the distance to the current collector?

It’s mainly surface area and chemical additives. Making the separator thinner increases capacity, but increases internal resistance and chemical stability is sacrificed.

Using hexagonal grids in the cell allows for lower IR, and lower capacity due to a decrease in active material mass.

In high drain applications, medium capacity high drain cells are preferable to high capacity medium drain cells like 30Qs and HG G2s, because of lower internal resistance, more capacity is kept intact, and less heat is produced, leading to higher cycle life. However, this issue is usually mitigated in parallel packs due to spreading the load across ≥2P.

In single cell high drain lights with higher than 15A draw, I would recommend something like a 24S, due to low heat generation and higher cycle life. At ≤15A, a 30Q/HG2 is great.