Samsung LH351C 5000 K CRI90 color and output test

I got the emitters from Arrow and reflowed them on Kaidomain’s 20 mm DTP MCPCBs.

I mounted the emitter on CPU heatsink with a nice splash of thermal paste and over the top 16 AWG wires.

I got two emitter types. They only differ in the flux bin with the MF being higer, but I took both to check if there’s a difference in tint. Spoiler: the KF was nicer, but MF has much higher output potential.

Exact order and bin code:


Most tests were done with the MF bin, which most people ordered since it was on sale at Arrow.

Purchase links:

Data sheet

In the product code:
SPH=Samsung Package High Power
T=Product version
D=Domed lens
5=LH351C (A=LH351D, 3=LH351B)
0=Not defined
G=CRI min. 90 (C=70, E=80)
E4=Forward voltage bin 2.7-3.1 V
RT=CCT 5000 K
MF=Flux bin 250-310 lm, KF=230-290 lm at 700 mA at 85°C

CRI data measured at 700 mA from the hotspot with a

Yajiamei 10° beaded optics (MF bin)

Yajiamei 10° beaded optics (KF bin), nicer tint with less green (duv 0.003 vs. 0.005 on the MF)

Bare emitter (MF) at straight on (0°) for reference

Medium sized smooth reflector from the Eagle Eye X7 (MF)

CRI data with increasing drive current with the Yajiamei optics measured from the hotspot

1000 mA
2000 mA
3000 mA
4000 mA
5000 mA

Output measured in a 50 cm integrating sphere

At 700 mA I measured 306 lumens at 147 lm/W for the MF bin and 290 lumens at 139 lm/W for the KF bin.

The LH351C is rated at a maximum of 2000 mA and 2600 mA pulse current.

The MF bin I tested produced much higher output at high currents than the KF bin.

MF bin

KF bin

I also found that the LH351C behaves quite well in a clear 5° Yajiamei optic which is rare. There’s just a hint of green in the corona and a very slight pinkish hue right in the middle of the spot. From this I would assume these get along very well with clear Carclo triples and quads, but haven’t had to chance to test them yet.

Small to mid sized OP reflectors work perfectly, but they are very forgiving with most emitters.

Looks like Samsung is giving Cree some real competition. Especially since Arrow had them for a little over a quarter.
I suspect that at some point Cree may start reducing their prices to compete.
Thanks for posting all this test data up maukka, really useful info. :+1:

But Cree has some good below the BBL tint bin options available whereas all of Samsung’s offerings are above the BBL and yellowish/greenish.

Thank you for the testing and report maukka. Such great info. My experience with the tint pattern of the MF emitter with the S41 quad optic is right in line with what you reported.

Thanks a lot for the test maukka. Gonna practice dedoming these very soon.

Cheers :)) :CROWN:

Can someone recommend a small TIR with very wide spread. If possible a TIR without a visible spot.
Checking the options and prices. Want to build a light (like a lightbar with 6 or 9 LED´s) for kitchens wall cabinets (for my parents). So distance between light and worktable is less than ~60cm.

You don’t necessarily need any optics for that, just a milky/frosted piece of acrylic (or d-c-fix 346-0211 on clear). I really like the Yajiamei optics, and there’s a very large lineup of spotty and floody up to 85°.

Thanks Maukka!!!
They look nice and they are really cheap. I could bite my ass that i did not order more LED´s (0,30€/led) from Arrow (I only ordered 5 to play with).
But i will have to order some more. Hope to find another order option for the TIR´s. Because i have a problem with Aliexpress. Still working on a refund (after i already spend hour and hours with their support).

maukka - have you ever measured and compared a sliced one?
I did this with the 80 CRI version, I can only estimate but I’d say CCT went from 5000k to <4000k and the slight greenish hue looks gone now

I will have a look when I’m at home later, could very well be :slight_smile:

Why did The_Driver deleted his post?

No idea, btw I just checked and I do have some of those leds still.


You are being nosy ;)

Maybe because I don't need any anymore. :)

Thanks, I already found some. :)

These LEDs are very efficient for their size, 90CRI and the possiblity of having a good tint together with high luminance (when shaved). In part this is achieved by a slightly lower R9 value when shaved.

Nah I'm not noisy, as a rule not even my farts are when needed (because ;-) ninja).

Aaah! You said nosy! :-D

I still have two, wonder what will do with 'em some day. Powered by an XHP70 boost driver a quadkenstein aspheric build sounds appealing to me, albeit one with just two emitters would also do by carefully adjusting the current output.

How did it go Barkuti?

Wellp, it didn't go. Can't recall what I was planning by the time but I used another emitter. They're still in my emitter cache box.

I see. I think this LED might have some potential for high CRI throwers. More efficient than SST-20. Also green but dedoming is said to fix that.
But maybe they aren’t so good, it’s hard to tell without knowing die size…or testing. :slight_smile:

Any lumen to candela measures done already. Is it more like nichia 219c or sst-20?