Samsung LM101A

I’m still looking for cheap flooder LEDs. My latest finding is Samsung LM101A….which looks nothing short of awesome.

  • very small, 1.15x1.15 mm
  • 3V
  • fairly cheap, 6-11 cents a piece in bulk
  • very high current carrying (for the size) - 450 mA a piece
  • CRI up to 90
  • 1500+ lm/$ at CRI90
  • 4x4 array would be as large as single XHP50.2 but within specs deliver 15% higher output. For half price.
    • that’s within specs. Overdriven XHP50.2 will pretty surely outperform LM101A. But the cost is still double.
  • very low Vf
  • performance scales OK with current - at 450 mA, CRI90 variant is still over 90 lm/W. May still have some overdriving capability.
  • 2700-4000K with CRI90, 2200-6500K with CRI80
  • available from DigiKey, Arrow, RS Online