Samsung SDI factory catches fire

Hopefully this is not another reason to make smartphones more expensive, so far with the 2017 A series Samsung went higher in price, even if this year competition is quite fierce.

When will samsung learn? How many issues can you have making lithium cells?

Samsung’s PR department must be going crazy.

Now they got a literal dumpster fire on their hands.

A trash can cough fire in their waste section. Why is this international news?!

Soon they’ll be reporting bathroom clogging and employees fart rate… if that can help stir controversy. :person_facepalming:

More apple fanboy news

The word “Chinese battery” was thrown around for Galaxy S7 issues. Samsung SDI produces lots of their cells in China anyway.

That being said probably if such fire started when Samsung was not on the rather for exploding phones no one would really care about it.

Apple sucks!
And public opinion sucks too (well, most of the time…)

Agreed, but i have made some coin with full windows installs on older Mac Pro towers and flashed vid cards to work on Mac. Killer machines if you don’t mind running the air-conditioner in the winter.

Have sworn to not spend more than $200 on a cell phone so, Samsung and Apple are out of the picture. And if I can’t open it for repairs it is not considered.

I own a couple of Mac Mini’s and I agree Apple and their fanboy’s suck! Personally, I’d never own anything with iOS on it, but I have to admit I do like the Mac OS. BTW, I own a couple of home built PC’s as well. One with Windows 7, and one with Windows 10. I like both OS’s for different reasons.

I have hit too many walls trying to get iOS to do things I can easily make happen on Win. I am not up to date on the latest apple OS… the major pitfall I had was getting things useable on a big screen TV as a monitor and then video card compatibility. Too much trouble, but back then I was getting them for free and worth upgrades and hacking the Full windows installs. Still have many iPod Classics in parts, pieces and working but again got sick and tired of the iTunes trying to wipe out the HDD every time I wanted to connect to a different PC or laptop just to load a few more songs. Now a 128GB USB stick behind the Kenwood in the car is way better and easier to use. Yes there is a 32GB limit on the Kenwood but that’s not enough… another “fix” for it to see all 128GB.

Wonder if these battery issues will bring back easily accessible, removable batteries? Or government won’t allow that?

Burn down the Samsung house... just to stay alive !

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Would be funny if Bree/Brianna works in the SDI factory and her phone started the fire… Verrrrrry unlikely unfortunately.