Sanjia? K81 Fixed Blade Knife

This just arrived in from our friend David at Hello Gift Shop and I was inspired to tell people about it.

It is, I think, the Sanjia K81 sheath knife, and it is beautiful.

It is a full tang knife of overall length 9.2 inches and blade length 4.5 inches. The bolsters are stainless with an etched pattern and the grips wood. The blade is a clip point, my personal favourite, with a slight Persian curve. There is Columbia etched above FuShaoXin Company on the left side of the blade. It is hollow ground, and extremely sharp both along its edge and at the point. The advertisement says 7Cr17MoV steel, which makes it slightly better than 440B.

In the hand it feels good. The handle is smooth and comfortable, but perhaps slightly too short for my extra large hands. The way the handle is cut to fit the hand provides a very secure grip.

I’m not sure you can get a prettier fixed blade for this price, and I highly recommend buying it if fixed blades interest you.

I have a Sanjia that I got from Wallbuys for a dollar a while back. I actually really like it. It’s a folder that opens easy with one hand. It was hard to believe that you could get that nice of a knife shipped from China to the US for that kind of money. I bought three of them. I mailed one to my Father and one to my Son. It cost me around $2 each to mail them. Now that is funny right there. How can they mail it to me for a dollar when it costs me two dollars to mail it to my Dad who lives about 25 miles from me? (actually I know the answer but it ticks people off when I tell them)