Sanrenmu - Greatwall Outdoors, any connection?

I was looking at the Sanrenmu website and noticed you could sort by price even though it didn’t have any prices listed, so I made a account to see if it would show me the prices but it still didn’t.

After clicking on the customer service page I noticed under shipping that it gives the email address as Greatwall Outdoor.

Then I looked at Greatwall Outdoors coustemer service page and its pretty much the same thing that Sanrenmu has directly copied.

Just wondering if there is a direct link between them other than being one being a retailer for the other, or if Sanrenmu is getting into the retail game and is partially constructing their site by copying detail from others?

I think you have your information from

This is not the official homepage of the manufacturer. It's only a shop.

Exduct wrote this also on their homepage a long time ago:

The official should be, but it's not available (Exduct wrote something about it).