Sanrenmu T-01 mini review

This is a medium sized multiple function pocket knife. It has a nice deep hollow ground blade that should slice well. It is part serrated which I prefer in a work knife. Those teeth will cut things that that a plain edge won’t and they will cut even when not as shape as they could be. The fit and finish is simply outstanding. There is not a single flaw in the entire knife. It locks up perfectly and smoothly. Then seatbelt cutter and screwdriver blades open and close well and lock in just as perfectly as the main blade. This knife sells for $9-$12 and is well worth every penny. I can’t believe the pure perfection of the fit and finish in a knife that sells for about $10.00!!!

Quality workmanship
Thin hollow ground blade
Deep pocket carry clip
Spare tools on deck
Low cost for quality
Glass breaker built in
A little thick for the size due to multiple tools in handle
Seatbelt cutter difficult to open in an emergency
Hard to unlock spare tools once locked

I ordered this one from hoursbuying but it turned out to be out of stock, would love to get my hands on one some day!

Thanks for your review, good to know that I wouldnt have gone wrong with it!

Exduct has the T01A version with half serrated blade for $7.99

Thanks, but at the moment Im in the middle of Paypal dispute with HoursBuying, I have to wait to see whether I receive my partial order and get prompt refund for non delivered items and only then I can order again, when I know what I have to re-order elsewhere and when I get some spare cash to add to it :)

Speedsix, can you post some pictures of your knife, like real ones holding in hand/compared to some EDC flashlight in size etc? Would be nice!

If you want some pictures - here is my review for a german forum:

I found the double lock a PITA, I have seen some users glue it open so I may try that. The pocket clip is also not perfect as the screws catch (less clearance than on 763 even tho they aren't reccessed either).

It is a fraction longer than the 763 (prob 5mm) almost identical in length to the 710.

The glass breaker appears to be tungsten as opposed to the similar Enlan which I believe is just a steel tip.

Bad pic from my phone but gives an indication of size next to some well known lights...

From the top;

UF C88

UF 980L



SRM 763


Man that C88 looks delicious :P!
And I hope you dont write your posts with Ipad, its not that comfortable, is it :D?

BTW, was looking at above mentioned Exduct link and while browsing their store came accross this one:

Its supposedly enhanced version of T21 and an upgrade to T01, looks interesting, they say its 2012 model!

Oh and found also EL08, 2012 Enlan model on backorder!

Yeah, I know, I got carried away, pardon me OP :D!

Ipad has changed my life (not sure if in a good way tho), so easy, I use it for 95% of Internet browsing and posts.

That knife has lost the screwdriver by looks of the photo but otherwise looks better.

I forgot about the secondary lock on the liner. I placed a small piece of plastic in it which took it out of the picture. I did this after the first five mins of owning it so I forgot how irritating it was. It is easy to defeat so don’t let that sway you.

The knife is fairly small, it is not a full grip. I consider it perfect size for EDC but too small if you are thinking self defense or heavy use knife.