saving money while feeding the addiction

maybe it’s not the light that has me hooked. maybe it’s the anticipation of waiting, of receiving it in the mail? if that’s the case, let’s see if it works:

I have ordered the above. I seem to have the same excitement over receiving this $1.82 item as I would over any other flashlight order. It has a ‘touch switch’ with ramping, and I ordered the warm white. Also have one coming from Fasttech, same style, 120 lumens. I will use these with my 5000 mAh power bank.

So, I have satisfied my hunger temporarily, for some $3. At this rate, maybe I can get thru the rest of my years with what I have spent in the previous 3 or so years :wink:

The drawn out anticipation of waiting for stuff from china can certainly have benefits. As long as its not over 45 days.

Maybe that person has a really big finger

Can't they make it any smaller ?

I know what you mean, the value does not matter :-) And because I have exact that same light (I think it is great), here's a glamourshot to feed the anticipation ;-) :

I hear you. I have a $1.30 charger module in the mail from ICStation. Kind of excited to do something with it.

Nice glamour shot djozz!

Damn, we’re doing glamour shots of $1 things. :~ Oh, what the hell, its cool! :party:

Thanks for the tip my friend— I didn’t even know these existed!

I just ordered 3 2-packs of these similar USB lights from DX since I don’t have a flea-bay account.

I’ll be down-scaling my addiction very soon as well. I’m probably going onto disability and that $300 to $500 a month I’ve been spending all year on my hobbies is about to be more like $3-$5 a month lol. I think I’m going to be sitting in a cabin by lake for a nice long sabbatical. I’ll probably be off the grid for a few months and these little USB lights seem like a perfect backup light source. I think these things will also be perfect for an emergency bag because they weigh nothing and augment what a lot of people like me already have in their packs: USB solar chargers and power packs. I’m too lazy to do the math but wouldn’t a 20,000 mAh power pack give me about 1000 hours of light at 25 lumens? And all six will only add a few grams to the pack either way.

Oh yeah I need one of these to put on my F6 roche usb head

I was trying to think where do i have an external usb jack handy :)

You can’t buy just one…damnit!

IT’S BLF’s fault I am broke! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a fun part of it, is checking the mail almost every day in anticipation of what will arrive next from the many various flashlight-related orders you are anxiously waiting for. :slight_smile:

Finally! Someone who understands me… :smiley:

Yup…it’s like Christmas…you order stuff…and forget it’s coming in…one day open the mailbox

“oh yeah I ordered that a while back”


Was like that with vape mail too :stuck_out_tongue: