Saving your money ,please join in the Lightake Points Plan

Lightake Points Plan

Q:What is Lightake Points(LT points)?

A: Lightake point works as a kind of rewards for our customers. When the orders created, there comes with the points: Based on every $ 10 orders, 1 point is collected, and 10 points equal $ 1 in LT point system. The points can be used to redeem items or coupon codes in Once the points are accumulated to the level of 100, you have the qualifications to cash back to your paypal account.

Although Dropshippers have an exceptional discount here, no points will be created from their orders.

Q: For example, suppose that, I have 60 points, I want to order an item which cost $10 in lightake, and I prefer to use my points to redeem this item, then pay for the rest $4, how to achieve that ?

A: Currently the points are handled by our staff manually. So feel free to email us at: , then tell us your lightake account, and which item you would like to redeem. At this time, we will create a new order with a 60 points deduction (Noted: 10 points equal $ 1 in LT point system) , then send the $ 4 payment request link to you.

Q:I have 200 points,I want to get cash back, how to achieve that ?

A: Refer to this situation, please send an email to: . Tell us your lightake account and your paypal account, we will deduct your points from your lightake account and then send $ 20 as the cash-back.

Q:How can I get lightake points?

A:There are several ways available

1st, you can get your points from lightake orders. From every $ 10 order, you can get 1 lightake points. The points will be valid when the order has been paid 60 days later. If the order do not have any complaints or refunds in 60days, we will add the points into your lightake account.

2nd, Make video reviews for our products. When you received our product, you can make a video and update it to youtube channel, then send an email to inform us your youtube link and the SKU number , we will add 5-10 (depend on the quality of your video) points into your lightake account as a reward. At the same time, your video will be updated to our product page.

3rd, Share your shopping experience here in You can do a review for your shopping experience at: , make a comment on your shopping experience. 5 Lightake Points will be added into your lightake account as a reward. When the review has been done, please contact: .

4th, If you have a blog, then you can write a review for our product or our website. We will give you 5-10 points as a reward (depend on the quality). If the review in your blog is ready, please contact: . We will add points to your lightake account after review your blog.

5th, Share our products with other customers in all kinds of forums. You can share our promotion deal news or products to other forums, and we will add points into your lightake account as a reward.

Tips: Begin with and, or other forums that can generate lots of reviews or replies.

For every of your post about our product, we will give you 10 Points as a started reward. If a thread can result in thousands of reviews, we can provide your extra points as a reward. Please feel free to contact:, when you have posted a thread in some forums.

If you are very good at posting in forums for sharing your shopping experience, please contact:, maybe we can get a part-time job hereļ¼Œalso contact us for more details.

What do you think of this plan ,do you have any suggestions?

Welcome any suggestions!

Thanks very much !

Points from shopping are equal to 1% discount. Not interesting at all.

I would maybe do some reviews, but being paid 70c each is not making me do more.

I don't have a blog.

And I'm not doing ads on any forums for sure.

So for me it's worthless, sorry.

Since one of your plans is to give points to people who promote your products in other forums, I would suggest you write something to make it clear spam isn't acceptable and will result in a loss of points or whatever. If people feel your site is being spammed, even if it's not coming directly from you, this will likely cause negative opinions towards your site.

Perhaps something like "Customers are reminded that they should not spam or promote our products in any way considered against the rules of any external site. We may take action if we receive complaints about the way a member is promoting our products."

As a free bonus is ok.

Personally i would suggest improving customer service. I got a reply today from Emma regarding my case and the reply was totaly unrelated to my problem. I opened a dispute with paypal since i tried to reach support the polite way but without success a few times.

It looked like intentional stalling but if it was not i apologize but i will not risk losing paypal support since 45 days purchase protection are running out soon.

Sorry to resort to paypal, but maybe this way i get a more dedicated support.

I rarely have an issue (4 total with 50+ orders) and the most grief i ever had was with LT. The last time if it was not for ZNMZDX i believe nothnig would move, but it was resolved sucessfully nonetheless pretty satisfactory.