SC21 Pro Lightswitch question

Sorry I should have searched the forums first but I did a Google search and didnt find much on the subject.

I just got a SC21 Pro from Sofrin’s site and I notice that the switch is on barely even when the main light is off is that normal?

I saw a review of the SC21 Pro on Amazon review where someone mentions having the same issue.


same question earlier today on reddit, here is the answer:

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Yes. That helps to find it in the dark. It uses a veeeeery small current. Nothing of concern unless you park it in a drawer for many many months.

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Thanks, Its a bit annoying and I want to turn it off.

Im looking at the instructions and dont see clear instruction s on how to turn it off.

It should be a simple 7 clicks to change AUX led mode. keep doing 7C until it is off. I think u need to be in Advanced UI first to do that. So u also need to figure out in which mode you are, simple or adv. U can google it

First you do a battery check (3 clicks from off)

  • you are in simple UI if you see the voltage only once
  • you are in advanced UI: voltage is repeatedly blinking

Switch to advanced with 10H from off

every 7 clicks lets you cycle trough off->low->high->blinking

Thanks for your help I’ll give it a shot.