Schott Conturan

I’ve long loathed the situation where top quality lenses are available from only 1 vendor who can’t ship outside of their continent for reasonable cost.

Recently I found another option that has potential to move the top higher and enable custom sizes while being cheaper, at least outside of CONUS and possibly everywhere.

Schott is a major glass maker and they have a line of AR coated display glass, Conturan.

This glass:

  • is manufactured in large sheets, 1.8x1.2m
  • is available in a range of thicknesses from 1.6 mm up
  • has 99% transmission
  • is colour-neutral, does not spoil tint
  • can optionally have oleophobic coating
  • can be cut by ordinary glass shops
  • can be hardened (few shops can harden thin glass but with persistence it’s possible to find one)

I learned about it from PolarLi who is very happy about his lens.

I tried to organise a GB…but communication with the Polish Shott distributor doesn’t go smooth and I lost hope it will succeed. But PolarLi managed to make a $60 order so in other places that may be easier.