SE US18650VT alternative

I’d say any good high-drain IMR 4.2v cell would be fine. So you could use Efest, Sony, Samsung, maybe some others. Not just any Sony or Samsung of course, must be high drain IMR chemistry.

A possible local source for this type of cell is vaping shops. Check around for vaping shops and see what you find. Report back on your findings and I’m sure someone will be happy to advise you.

No mate, i actually lost hope at one point that i would not be able to repair it.

I managed to get some sony VTC3 shipped from China from this store Kevin Chu on aliexpress. He ships worldwide when other sellers are unable to do so.

i cobbled this up to finish my deck. Lithium replaced DeWalt NiCad and drill loved it. I finally found another cheaper NiCad so keep this as back up. Not sure if your driver worth new battery but maybe food for though?


Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know i could do these mods. i just looked for a replacement battery.

I am a newbie when it comes to batteries. I already ordered two VTC3 batteries as they come in pairs according to the seller.

So now i will have a spare battery, do you think it is appropriate to use this charger to charge and possible use the extra battery as a power bank.

I’ve seen another thread here about it but i am not sure if i can use a high drain battery in it.

I would appreciate any help.

Thanks again

charger looks a bit scary, but fashionable with claimed 1 amp out. I would search the forums for some USB reviews, or on RMM’s site for some of the reviewed lower cost chargers.

Thanks for the input.

I would actually prefer not to spend too much on the charger without compromising safety.

About the type of battery i can use in a power bank, would a high drain battery cause any problem or i can use any batteries?

Hey guys. Unfortunately the battery i ordered were lost during transit.

I managed to find these batteries above and was wondering if i can use them to power the screwdriver.


The SONY US VT is 1300mah 20A rate CC battery ,
you can replace with any named one ;
SAMSUNG 15K 1500mah 20A , SAMSUNG 15M 1500mah 25A ,
LG HG6 1500mah 30A , LG HB2 1500mah 20A SONY VTC 1600mah 30A
SAMSUNG 20R 2000mah 22A , SANYO RX 2000mah 20A , SONY VTC4 2100mah 30A
SAMSUNG 25R 2500 20A, LG HE2 2500 20A , LG HE4 2500 20A , SONY VTC5 2600 30A
LG HG2 3000 20A.

Hello experts,
i need to change similar batteries, and wanted to use a specific type for exchange.
The old batteries are
SE US1865OVT , second line T 2B12WTH26K

i want use
Samsung INR18650 29E
for replacement.

Could you tell me if these typs are compatible.
many many thx

The 29E has a max discharge current of 2.75A there is no way it could replace a high drain battery.

In Europe you can get 18650 batteries from NKON . Look for a discharge current of 20A or higher.