SE US18650VT alternative

Hi everybody

I need some help looking for another battery for my black and decker screwdriver. It came with this battery:

SE US18650VT
See the picture below.
I am wondering if anyone can suggest another battery for the screwdriver. Also the battery has tabs and i would prefer if the new ones also had tabs to that it will be easier to fix.

Thank you!

Is that an 18650 imitating a pickle?

Kind of! the picture is only for reference.

those have progressed to the vtc4 and vtc5.
special high rate cells.
readily availible at vape shops and mountain

Thanks for the tip.

Can i solder the tabs using a soldering iron?

however i’ve read that these batteries are unprotected. is it advised to use protected ones for the screwdriver ?

show the whole thing so we can see if it has a board.
after all its supposedly a screwdriver not your wifes uhhh “device”

If the screwdriver was manufactuered with a Sony high-drain 18650 we can assume that the device is not low quality crap. It probably has whatever protection the screwdriver manufacturer thought was necessary built into the device.

When we use 18650 cells for other purposes a protection circuit is sometimes added.

Yeh its a black & decker screwdriver.

I was reading that IMR cells are safer than ICR cells even without the protection circuit.

So i guess i will order the new version of the Sony battery from fasttech.

How about the soldering using normal soldering irons? Is it recommended?

anything on the other side?
whats the wallwart?
are they really relying on the drop across those diodes to regulate charging?
.7 x6 is 4.2.
cheap but probably ok

There you go mate.

The adapter supplied is 240V input and 9VDC,100mA output

I will let others address the electrical. Soldering is not recommended by manufacturers, they want you to spot wield (in order to prevent capacity losses from dumping heat into the cell I think). That said, many of us do it without much trouble. I certainly solder to batteries whenever I have a need to. Bigger, stronger irons are usually best for this, you don’t want to have to hold the iron there long. Use flux, tin the ends of the cell, tin the wire, then solder them together. If it’s not working do not just hold the iron there and dump more heat into the cell.

Awesome! thanks for the tip. i’ll keep that in mind if i have to solder.

another way i though i could replace the battery is by soldering battery terminals to the main wires and glue them at the extremities in the battery compartment then slide the battery in without having to apply solder to it.

I would solder it. You could end up with very high resistance connections if you did the battery terminals thing wrong. Or intermittent connections. etc. If you have a 50-60w iron you should be able to solder to an 18650 without issue I think.

Right! i’ll take your advise on that one, once i receive the batteries.

Thanks a lot!

Hey guys. what happens if i order a non-high drain battery to use in this case?

Because sellers on ebay or fasttech won’t ship batteries overseas.

Bad things. Do not do that.

Apparently due to restrictions they won’t ship overseas unless its bundled with something. so i might order the high drain batteries with a cheap charger.

we have the option to send the tool packs out for rebuild. The cost is not that bad and you can specify cells and is warranted. However, like laptops, you can approach new price.

Unfortunately here its difficult to get specific parts on the market. I sent the screwdriver for repairs and it took them around 8 months to tell me it was a battery problem and they do not have it in stock.

Are you doing this repair for fun?