Searching for a thrower

Hi everybody.

I’ve been using my TR-J12 and Tr-J18 for a while and I find both of them amazing. I used them both with my girlfriend for night walks in the countryside and I do think The J18 is clearly more powerfull but the J12 itself it’s a decent torch. I was really new to the power lights until I acquired these multi-emitter monsters. Frankly I’m quite happy with the results in full dark. However, I noticed both of them are more floodier than throwers. In fact, I’d say you are able to see what’s going on for 250-300 straight meters. Due to this fact, I’m interested in searching for a budget thrower. I’ve read some posts relating to the need of a single well-fed emitter to obtain a real thrower than several under-fed emitters. Either way, I plan to use the protected TF 26650’s I ordered along with the TR-J’s. What’s your opinion in that area? Would you recommend me a budget solution? I do prefer not to have any strobo,sos modes (I’m sick of them in the TR-J’s); just hi-med-low would work for me.

Thanks in advance and bye!

1. You already have TF 26650’s and if you have some skill modding.

KD 7135 V2 solder to Hi-Med-Low with…

HD2010 (swap driver ) or SMALL SUN ZY-T16 must mod 20mm PCB

2. STL-V2


The STL-V2 is an 18650 light only, no? He wants to run 26650 cells.

Go with the HD2010. :wink:

Yep, +1 to the STL-V2. It’s a mind blowing thrower for the price (around $40 depending on where you order it).

In 2-3 weeks I should receive my Crelant 7G5-V2 with collimator head. I’m interested to see how well this turns out. It has had documented lux readings from 93k-113k by selfbuilt and others on CPF. At around double the lux readings than the STL v2 (~52k) I want to see how this turns out.

Edit: if you want to only use your 26650 cells then go for the HD2010 as JM said. The 7G5-v2 and stl v2 are both 18650 operated only.

I refuse to do any driver swapping, as I don’t have any idea of how to operate and I’m pretty bad at working with my hands… :hat: . I’ll look into hd2010. Thanks