Searching for EDC floody triple or other very floody light

Since I lost my old Convoy S3 (1.4A version) which was quite floody I am looking for new light which will be even more floody. Found Jaxman E2L triple on Aliexpress and I think its OK, but I dont like driver and mode selection.
I am not quite ready to mod the light (and spend even more) to replace driver but if its easy enough I can think about it. Is there are other triple choices (or maybe other very floody EDC lights) available?
Emisar D4 form factor is very good, but dont like unregulated driver and high temperature… FW3A which everyone is waiting for will be good, but I need light right now and cant wait no more.
Ordered S2+ XPL-HI @1.4A with 60degree optics from Simon, but I am not sure optics will give maximum performance.
Thanks for any input.

I think you will be very happy with the light and optic you have coming. I think the only thing I would have done different is went ahead with the 7135x8 driver. I am hoping you got a driver with Biscotti firmware was well. 12 different mode groups to choose from really opens up a lot of options.

Welcome to the forum dropman :wink:

Hum, the lens you ordered from Simon was one of the Pebbled (“hive” shape) optics? That is the one that will give you the more floody beam for sure.
Also, the difference from a XPL-HI and a XML2 Led under a Pebbled TIR optic is not very significant (naked eye, no scientific measurement)!

I did some “testing” (for fun) with different optics with those types of LEDs, and if you see here (Essays with TIR lenses on Convoy S2+: XML2 + XPL-HI [Update] - #15 by MascaratumB) look for the 6th LENS you will see you will have a good floody beam :wink:

Enjoy you light !!

Its Biscotti of course. Since I need continous output without excessive overheating I went with 1.4Amps…

I ordered one of each optics Simon has in his store (actually I asked them as a gift :money_mouth_face: ) to test them out, but I am not sure how much light output will be lost when using them.
Link to Convoy store - 3.08€ |10/25/45/60 grad TIR objektiv, streifen led objektiv für XML XML2 LED|led for|cree ledlens cree - AliExpress

I noticed my TO46R is the floodiest (stock) tubelight I got.

No E2L, so can’t compare.

Even simpler… get an S2+ with whichever driver spins yer wheels, and drop in a nice wide-angle TIR lens. For me, 60° is perfect, but 90s and 120s sometimes have artifacts around the periphery (a bit ringy). 60s are buttery smooth, though.

where can I get a TIR 60 degree lens? And do they fit all S2+ lights, even that new one with the SST20 emitter. Is it just a drop in?

thank you….

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Go on Amazon, goggle “20mm collimating lens”.

Plenty also on AX, FT, even Simon’s Convoy store.

LEDsupply has a bunch of Carclos, too.

I got all my lenses at - Informationen zum Thema leddna.

thanks for the replies …. but will it work on all S2+ lights, and is it a drop in procedure that anyone can do?

thank you again

edit: will this one work? 10209 Carclo Lens - Ripple Wide Spot LED Optic

I gave the guy at LEDSupply the link to the S2+ with the SST20 emitter and asked him if they had a 60 degree optic that would work with the light?

His reply:

Hi Pat,

Sorry - we don’t carry a drop-in optic like that.


I concur with you! Wuben TO46R is the floodiest stock light I have! (
Apart from zoomies, and eventually from the Emisar D4 (which has more defined beam in center) :smiley:

However, I compared teh Wuben with a Convoy S2+ with XML2 T6-4C with OP reflector + a diffuser , and a Convoy S2+ triple (XP-G2, NW, Carclo 10507 + diffuser) and the S2+ triple “won”!!

So it depends on the configuration you will give it! :+1:

You’re overthinking it. Just get a 20mm 60° TIR and try it. You’ll thank me later.

Right above. See MascB’s sigs, “TIR lenses: 1 / 2”.

Go crazy.

You want a true floody light, small and fits in one hand.
NOT a piece of waterpipe shape though. Has a head on it.

Have a look at a Haikelite HT08.
Sloow screw to Zoom if req’d, but a beautiful wide angle.
Starts a metre in front of your toes forward.

That, or the Astrolux S41 quad are my best floody’s.

astrolux s41 ? its quite floody…