Searching for: Working gloves, durability, something like Mechanix M-Pact

Half of my worktime is in warehouse and often I have to carry some boxes around. Gloves would help and I hope you guys have some ideas for me.

I think gloves like the Mechanix M-Pact , the M-Pact 2010 or the CG Impact Pro Glove would work fine, but they are really expensive for some working gloves (price in Germany 33€ ~ $42).

The normal Mechanix “The Original” are not robust enough.

Must have:

- durability

- full finger (not half)

  • palm panels (comfort)

Nice to have:

- color: Black, coyote, blue, yellow, red (everything is fine, but not camo)

  • protection on the back could be nice

Brand and logo isn’t important. I think with Mechanix M-Pact most people have an information, which style it should be.

I found on Aliexpress:
This for $13, but I don’t need 5 pairs or this for $16,99, Mana has this

I’m sure, all are copies, not genuine, but this would be ok. If you know other gloves for a good price and which most of the must have criteria please post them :slight_smile:
All Hong Kong Shops, ebay, aliexpress would be great. International shipping costs (of US stores) could be a deal breaker.

You don’t ride a motorcycle do you? I’ve started re-purposing retired motorcycle gloves for manual labor, and they work incredibly well. They fit snugly and last longer than cheap leather work gloves. Looks weird with carbon fiber knuckles and finger vents though.

No, I don’t ride a motorcycle, but this a good idea. If there is something, which protect my knuckels it would be a benefit.

Doesn’t anyone else have an idea or notice gloves, which I’m searching for?

You might check out 5.11 Tactical Station Grip gloves, cost around 30$, in outdoor and military stores, here in Latvia their price is 30$, about the same they ask for at Ebay.
Many sellers are OK with declaring lower item value so you dont have to pay taxes and items dont get stuck at customs for longer :wink:
I might buy these.
If I were you Id just get gloves locally because if you happen to get a dud you can always claim “warranty”, sure, these are gloves so they can fall apart sooner or later, but if you buy quality brand and dont over-abuse them, then they should last.

And what about local construction shops/large all-in-one home improvement shops - they usually carry wide range of working gloves, some of them turn out to be pretty good.
My brother got a pair for 5$ and he said they are pretty similary to those 5.11 I posted :wink:

YMMV but it wont hurt to try out local market first :)!

Oh and BTW - if gloves are good you can use them everywhere, cycling, camping, hiking, working and simply wearing them when the weather is colder :wink:
Thats another bonus not to skimp on quality items like gloves :P!

I have been a mechanic and welder for over 20 years and not to mention riding dirt bikes for over 30 years. I have never found a better pair of gloves than the Ironclad high dexterity welders gloves. They are heat proof and virtually indestructible. They do not feel like welders gloves they feel very similar to the mechanics wear gloves or good quality dirt bike gloves in feel but many times stronger. They are expensive and I am not sure where you can get them in Germany but in this case you get what you pay for they are the best of the best and I have tried to many gloves to list.

Kevlar gloves excepted, if you’re looking for a long lasting work glove it is going to be tough to find something that lasts longer than pig skin. I like to buy a size smaller than I think I need. Once they are broken in they fit great. I’ve been around construction for decades and most mechanix wear type gloves don’t last a week under heavy use. I’d try something like this