Searching realistic runtime test Fireflies ROT66 Gen2 under cold conditions

Is the following runtime test of realistic and practical?

After half an hour, an hour … etc. over 4000 lumens?

I am interested in using it in cold air with airflow on a bicycle. The D4SV2 and NS43 create and maintain brightness very well and consistently under these conditions - as shown in several tests.

Can I expect a ROT66 with SST20 to produce over 4000 lumens continuously at low temperatures (5 degrees) and airflow (20 to 25 km/h)?

Does anyone know of any other runtime tests with such values? I have not found any.

Who has experience with the runtime under cold conditions?

I’d like to see more info on this as well. He redid the test and it now shows it holding at about 450, which seems low to me for a soda can light. Can anyone else who owns one of these lights comment about what it can roughly sustain? Over maybe two hours?

The ROT66 could do with more thermal mass, as some 18650 tube lights seem to out perform it on sustained lumen output. I would like to see a more scientific review though - can someone send one to Muakka!

The ROT66 G2 is running an older version of Anduril causing a premature drop in output, to avoid this the temp sensor and limit has to be set incorrectly, such as 1°c base temp and 70°c limit. Doing this will require monitoring. This is why the runtime reviews drop so quickly from Turbo

I’m a distributor for Fireflies in New Zealand and I stopped stocking them due to this issue.

If you let the light warm up and then increase the output, the temp regulation will behave as it should but if it’s a sudden burst, the output will reduce almost immediately due to this old Anduril version.

This is the one really annoying issue when we pressure manufacturers to use Anduril instead of their own firmware specially designed for each model.

Anduril is always being improved but this was a very frustrating issue that affected a lot of lights

So what should it’s sustained lumen output be?

No idea, sorry

Maybe ask 1lumen - Facebook

If the problem is just an old version of the software, won’t flashing the ATTiny85 with the new version of Anduril solve it?

Yes, if you want to unsolder all the wires for the aux board