Second Generation Silver Plated High Current Beryllium Copper Springs and 95+CRI SST20!

:person_facepalming: :person_facepalming: :person_facepalming:

I give some away and there is some waste :weary:

Please put me down for 10 SST-20 4000k FD2s.

I’m listed twice on the interest list (lines 3 & 15). Please update my totals to:

20x FD2
10x GA3

Please confirm that the 3500k you have are still GA3.


They’re still the same LEDs as before, as I haven’t ordered any more, so yeah, still GA3.

Ok, now you are just messing with me. You have me on the list for the original 20 leds and the on the list again for an additional 40 leds plus the springs. :open_mouth:

If you delete line 4 and keep line 11 it will be right :wink:


Let’s go to my 3rd thread for better overall seeing:

Thanks! If it’s ok then, I’d like to update my entry to include 3 x SST-20 3500K.

Got my springs today! Yay!

Question - does it make sense to “nest” them in something high-drain?

Yes. :slight_smile:

Niiiice. Should I bend in the top bit like you have there?

Hoping to get the MF01 finished tonight…… FINALLY

oweban, those are either Gen 1 or Gen 3 springs. BlueSwordM seems to have indicated they are Gen 3, which are the same five coil design like Gen 1 springs, with also the top edge bent in as you see. Your Gen 2 springs were a different design, with only four coils and not bent in at the top. It has already been said that the top edge not being bent in can cause trouble by grabbing the cell and causing a gouge. So, if you feel like you can pull it off, go ahead and bend them in (and a little bit down). As far as I know, nobody has attempted that with Gen 2 springs. So if you try it, let us know how it works out!

Ah, I missed that - thanks for the advice! I’ll give it a shot - bought 10 of each and only neeeeeed 4.

The 1st gen and 3rd gen are the same basic design, except for a few tweaks.

The 2nd gen are different in the fact that I removed a coil from the large spring.
Not my best idea, since that made the mechanical properties worse.

All good - as suggested, I’ve bent the top coil in and pressed the end down a bit, so it’s smooth.

Got my springs today thank you! :+1:

So I put 3x 3000K SST-20’s under a 10507 optic in my FW3A, and wow… I’m reliving the golden age! LOVE these emitters…

I wish I bought 18 of those rosy 3000K SST-20’s back then if I only know Emisar would release the D18…

You can still buy those rosy 3000K SST-20 through Kaidomain. I bought several dozen of those and used them in many different lights already. I believe there is only 1 tint bin of SST-20 3000K on the market if I’m correct so they should all be the same. It gets rosy at high output but still slightly yellow at low output but better than most 3000K emitters. Has anyone measured the tint in the GB batch?

The group buy said J2 flux bin, Mouser has J3 flux bin now, and Kaidomain claims J4 flux bin. So I would not count on just any 3000K being the same.

Yep. The reason I chose such a low flux bin on the 3000k is that because it was guaranteed TM to be under the BBL in all cases by the Mouser rep.