Second Generation Silver Plated High Current Beryllium Copper Springs and 95+CRI SST20!

So, I’m here again guys with the BeCu spring groupbuy interest list.

Only this is for the Part 2 GB with upgraded silver plated BeCu C17530 springs, instead of nickel plated springs. Just by doing that, we will be gaining a 5% increase in conductivity alone, which is nice, along with much better contact resistance. So that means even better spring for high current applications.

Here are the specs of both the small and large springs:

Small spring:
Material: Beryllium Copper C17530 38% IACS
Spring upper diameter: 4,00mm
Spring base diameter: 5,5mm
Spring thickness: 0,8mm
Spring height: 10,5mm
Total number of coils: 5
Plating: Silver electroplating

Large spring:

Material: Beryllium Copper C17530 38% IACS
Spring upper diameter: 6mm
Spring base diameter: 9mm
Spring thickness: 1,0mm
Spring height: 12mm
Total number of coils: 4
Plating: Silver electroplating

And some pics of the springs if you want to know about them (nickel plated springs used for reference, and credits to Kit Latura for the pictures!)

And the real marvel of the show, a dual spring array:

And my work with it on a modded BLF Q8 tailcap:

Oh boy, these can sustain some very high currents of 20A+! Some of our top modders(DB Custom) put them in his Sofirn Q8 458 HAM’R, and he didn’t even need bypasses to get 21A out of each Honestly, even I wasn’t expecting it to go this far :slight_smile:

And other notable advantages:

1. Stupid easy solderability. As quoted by DB Custom and contactr, these springs are so easy to solder to it makes it tempting to use spring bypasses with them, which was surprising.
2. High stiffness. Allows the use of short 18650/26650/21700 cells in series. Very nice.
3. No more need for bypasses with dual BeCu springs. Well, most of the time anyway :slight_smile:

So, some info on pricing:

0,39$US/spring, either large or small
5$ US shipping internationally 1,05 PP Fee+

(0,39$US x number springs)+5$US shipping) x1,05 PP Fee = Final price

Just an experiment to see the interest for high CRI LEDs. Will include some more choices later on, like rosy tinted LH351Ds perhaps :slight_smile:

I’m just searching for interest for good rosy tint binned LEDs so we can negotiate with bulk sellers like Digikey and Arrow.

For the LEDs, the shipping price of 5$US should be the same.

SST-20 4000k 95CRI

SST-20 3500k 95CRI

SST-20 3000k 95CRI

That is all for now. Put your interest numbers by posting down below, either for the springs or the LEDs.


The tint and flux bins of the 3500k and 3000k versions have been confirmed:

3500k: J4 Flux bin, GA3tint bin confirmed, below BBL line!
3000k: J2 Flux bin, HD2/HA4 tint bin confirmed, below BBL line!


Google Drive link for spreadsheet:

In for 50 small and 50 big springs.

Pricing information(reserved):

Silver plated BeCu Springs: (0,39$US/spring + 5$US international shipping) * 1,05 PP Fee

Max 110 springs/envelope(100 large spring max/envelope due to weight)

High CRI LEDs: (?$US/LED+ 5$US international shipping) * 1,05 PP Fee

Subbed in case… :innocent:

@DavidEF, I know you are interested still, so I’ll put your name on the list anyways, just in case :innocent:

How much for the SST-20s? 20 each of the springs, probably 10+ of the SST-20 3500's.

Please put me down for 55 large and 55 small springs and will likely get some SST-20 4000k 95CRI - but if we can get some rosy LH351Ds it would change my order.- likely some of each :person_facepalming:

70 BIG
40 small

Please & thank you!! :+1:

@TomE, added to the list. No word on the price yet for the SST-20s. It depends on how many LEDs we can buy in bulk.

@shirnask, added to the list.

@teacher, added to the list.

50x big
50x small
20x SST-20 4000k
Thank you

Add me to the list for 10 of each.

50 of each, large and small springs. 10 4000k sst-20’s. LED’s are dependent on price. Springs for sure.

Please put me down for 50 large and 50 small springs.

Interested in 20 large and 20 small. Also interested in the LEDs.

I’m interested in at least 12 SST-20s probably 6x of the 4000K and 6x of the 3000K.

Interested in springs, not sure how many yet. LEDs too if bins can be determined in advance.

Ok BSM, now I’ll definitely take 60 big and 40 small springs :slight_smile:


I’ll add you all to the list when I’m back home.

Are there other things you would like me to get?

I can do custom reflows for things like the Q8 and Sofirn C8F, and even offer custom conversion kits with
BeCu springs+better lens+reflowed MCPCB.

About the SST-20 though, the price per LED, including taxes, should be around these prices(estimates)

500pcs/LED option = 540$US = 1.08$US/4000K LED

So if we can get enough interest, we can get dirt cheap high CRI throwy LEDs, which would be very nice.

Thanks for organizing again. Sign me up for 30 big springs and 30 small springs.

I would be interested in 20 each of the SST-20 4000k and 3500k if they are two tint bins below the BBL and same with the LH351D. One tint bin below the BBL for these are known to be above the BBL in reality. In fact if you can source two tint bins below the BBL for any of these emitters, I can buy up to 60 each, if needed, to help the GB reach the required quantity even though I have no use for that many.

10- SST-20 4000k 95CRI
25 - Large spring 25 - Small spring