Second hand store finds.

Anyone else like second hand stores? I love second hand stores and we have a pretty good one in town. Today my wife came home and handed me a present from ours. It's a Bear and Son's Fourth Generation Carbon Steel 3 and 1/4 inch Stockman's knife. Like new. It cost her a whopping $2. Made in Alabama.

So what's your favorite 2nd hand store, garage sale or flea Market find?

What a find! I don’t go enough to find any good stuff. I usually go if I’m looking for something in particular. I may have to start going once in a while. There are a few of them in town, some better than others.

Yeah ya kinda gotta haunt them to find the good stuff or get really lucky. I found a full set of Chicago Cutlery knives with the block and steel for $5 this winter. It looked like it had never been sharpened and felt like it too. I think they had no idea how to sharpen them and instead used the knives until they were dull and gave them away.

They probably thought they were broken. :bigsmile:

20 years ago I picked up a 3/4” new rabbet plane and a used Duofast hammer tacker at the flea market for $10 total. At the time the plane sold new for $20 and the tacker for $40. I still use both.


Just a picture I took at a jumble sale,since there where flashlights.

I usually get my haircut at garage sales.

That , my man is the funniest , and most tragic thing I have heard in a long time .

You could be working the garage sale scene. Mobile Jack.

Found a tiny (<1 1/2” long open) miniature knife in a box lot wife bought at auction. Wiped it down, took pics and sold it on EBay for nearly $100 to a miniature knife collector. Knife was made in late 19th C. had ivory grips. This was back when EBay was HOT for sellers unlike today…

Very cool.

I found a charity thrift shop that I haunt regularly, where goods are often donated post-garage sale and from ‘cleaning out Grandmas attic’. I recently snagged a first edition of Sir John Franklins “Journey to the Arctic Sea” for $1, and several more almost as exciting, all for $1 apiece. I have bagged several Ontario ‘Old Timer’ butcher knives at fifty cents each, a whole wooden block full of high end Henckels for $4 and the brand new matching Henckels sharpening stones for another fifty cents. I love that place so much I often donate goods and cash to boot - it’s a constantly changing treasure chest, especially for old books.



It’s in %85 of new condition.
I liked it better before I read the reviews. Never the less I’m still getting good use of it.
Means a lot that my wife bought it for me.
LOVE a bargain!

Items from second stores are cheaper. That’s I like them. But you need to check their (the goods) quality before buying. Just my 2 cents. :wink: