Seeking AMC7136 - for a single sided driver design

I finally designed a driver board with an AMC7136 to get rid of the high number of AMC7135 I use in my other designs and to finally make a single sided driver with 3 channels: a single AMC7135 for moon modes, the AMC7136 (with shunt and FET) as replacement for ~8 AMC7135 for regulated med and high modes, and a FET for direct drive turbo.

The AMC7136 is similar to an AMC7135 except that it uses an external shunt (current sense resistor), so you can set whatever current you want to have, and that it can use an external FET, so you can also handle higher currents than with AMC7135's internal FET. The AMC7136 controls the FET to let as much current flow as needed to drop 50mV at the shunt. I used 6*100mOhm stacked in parallel (didn't have something else) which should yield 3.0A, and I got 2.75A, which I find ok-ish.

I'm happy about having now a single sided driver design with regulated high modes.

However I have difficulties to get AMC7136. I have 10 here, bought more than a year ago, probably on ebay, but now I can't find a source for them, so... Does anyone know where to buy AMC7136?

I’m not sure if you’ve seen this thread? Wight’s 7136 driver

This is the eBay link found in that thread:
I bought mine from that link, quick shipping too.

Ah, thanks for reminding me of that thread, and thanks for the link :) Ordered some.