Seeking Help selecting CR123 work light

I have access to fresh, new CR123’s as needed for a work light. Light must use these, new lithium, non-rechargeable. I am a low voltage tech, and need illumination for closets, crawl spaces, attics, etc. 90% of the time it is in 15 minute spurts or less, occasionally 1-3 hour stretches. Need a compromise source, sometimes requiring close up work light sometimes need to shoot 75 feet across an attic and occasionally further. Trying to keep cost low since I lose 1-2 a year and they see hard use. $30 tops?

I’m drawn to Solar Force for some reason. Seems I could keep a spare drop in or two and an extra tail cap for insurance? Liked Foy’s review/comparison but is this platform still viable, and are there more current reviews?

I have big hands, and think a 3 CR123 size would fit me better and be harder to lose. Do I gain brightness or add complexity going to the 3 cell? I’m even open to 4. I’m a service tech so the ability to “keep it running” vs chucking and buying new is appealing.

My time is limited for research and I cannot afford the time and money for a new hobby. No time or desire to mod anything. Asking to be talked into or out of the P60 drop in and specific recommendations for components…

P60 solarforce hosts and a drop in is enough… u can get the L2M if u want single cell…

How about this?

I will try to ask vendor if she can lower it to at least 5$ plus free shipping.

Clone of the Trustfire Mini-02…good little key chain lights