Seeknite S11 / BORUiT Mini ($14 Rovyvon Clone) mini review and comparison

Ok, so you are not a buyer at $15. Would you be a buyer $7.50?

Have you used the Rovyvon that this is supposed to be a clone of?

If Boruit releases a Mini in a metal body, say aluminum, then I would probably buy.

I don't know about the current plastic Mini.

Unno. It’s too… busy.

Yeah, it has more functions than I would ever use, but it's relatively cheap!

I had the nitecore Tini 2, awesome little light but it got jammed and squished on the tailgate of a pickup truck, so I decided to try something smaller and got the Tiki for $18, the size was perfect but I wished the output was a tad higher with more runtime so I gave it away.

Ordered the updated A5X at $32 with white+red last week and now this boiruit just to see how it compares. I hope the secondary white is at least a NW emitter and the “red strobe” to actually be a beacon or slow flash and not really a strobe.

Will report back when it arrives.

Eaten by a zombie is no so bad after all, might have to go change my entry at Cause of Death

Anything with a red and blue strobe is an automatic pass for me.

I’m sure legality varies across jurisdictions, but I think using a strobe that mimics an emergency services signal is just asking for trouble.

I can imagine some uses like light painting or video effects, but I wouldn’t be using a tiny keychain light for those.

I have the “Seeknite S11”,Magnetic-Tail-Repair-Work-Lamp-Type-C-Rechargeable-Mini-UV-Flashlight-p-1854171.html which has a different UI (double click to ON, long press to momentary on) and I like it.
The red and blue are gimmicks, but everything else is quite useable.
Was somewhere around 14$ with coupon if I remember correctly.,Magnetic-Tail-Repair-Work-Lamp-Type-C-Rechargeable-Mini-UV-Flashlight-p-1854171.html


Banggood says triple click to turn on.

(Double click would make more sense.)

Maybe "triple" on Banggood is inaccurate?

A discount doesn’t make it more useful, so no.

I can be done right:

Bright main LED
Warm side reading light
Bright yellow warning beacon
UI allowing quick access to the above LEDs


365 nm UV (hidden, so it will not be activated by accident or by necessity when switching through modes)
Constant and blinking red (nightvision preserving, as they say / position light)

A light like this will sell like hot cakes.

No. There must be a good argument to replace my current keychain light, and that would be a set of features I really want. No compromise here.

L4M4, you were correct.

I bought two Seeknite S11 on Banggood in mid-June, one Green, one Blue, at US$14 each.

I sent the Green one to my daughter in the UK and told her to search Youtube for Boruit S11 to find out how to use the Seeknite S11. They are identical. I suspect they are from the same manufacturer in China.

I keep the Blue Seeknite S11 and like it.

Too busy (well said ) :+1:

To buy things cause of cheap—-no

Regards Xandre

Wellp, like who’s actually going to use most of those retarded blinky modes? What’s the point?

Like taking a useful light and dressing it up in a clown suit…

I bought one of these clones on Amazon for running.

I was using a Rovyvon, but it died after several months, and I didn’t want to pay for another one.

I mostly use the white side light. I put kapton tape over it so its yellow now. The side white light has PWM pretty bad, but doesn’t bother me because I use it as a marker light when running.

For my purpose it works great.

Then get yourself a Rovyvon A5x if you don't like cheap.

Just found on Alibaba. This one is called Starynite. One piece is US$10.

The same manufacturer in China must be marketing its product under different brands by different vendors.

And it claims to be a “new patent”! (?)

I just did a teardown of a similar (identical ?) flashlight:

Thats not what I mean,
but great idea :smiley:

Regards Xandre

saw it on amazon US for 13$ prime shipping