Seems like it's out now.......Zebralight Q50

Saw this pic at CPF. Zebralight Q50. Not sure if it's a render.

Doesn't look like a render, good contrast, visible pixels...

Anyway, what are the specs on the Q50?

ZL sc80 looks interesting:

I assume the cube shaped one is Q50?

This is the first flashlight out of budget segment that i really want to have. Fenix Tk35 was the last one but decided it was too expensive.

I voulunteer for a very in depth review if someone is kind enough to send me one. :)

Just amazing aesthetically.


It's printed right on the body ;)

Someday I'll own a ZL just because they look different (many of them kind of dumb looking though).

The Q50 is actually a very practical design for AA batteries. I'm all about the parallel arrangement for cells of any size (probably with the exception of CR123/16340).

I´ve been watching this particular ZL just because I own SC51w and like it as a side clicky, AA/Eneloop -capability, despite AA decent size-to-output -ratio...

Very well regulated...

It is "just so easy" to pop Eneloops to Maha and repeat. I know they don´t pack as much energy as Li-ion but somehow it is very comfortable in use, hmmm.

This cube shape might be a good to grab even with gloves on (winter)!

We rarely get that cold here, but I still want one. Or more.

Zebralight have got me sussed - if they make it, I probably want it though I only own one Zebralight. Not that I wouldn't like a lot more of them, but not this decade unless someone leaves me a lot of money.

If they do then I can:

Sort out the repairs to the house - starting with replacing all the windows.

Replace the defunct laptop with the one I want. Using a completely reliable but utterly slow 8 year old PowerBook gets old fast.

Replace the money-sink car. Just cost me $2000 to get it legal again. This might have been a mistake, but I'd spent a bit more than that on it in January and didn't feel like going car shopping again. It is hard to over-state how much I hate shopping for cars.

Replace the non-functional heating. This involves a lot of spanners and plumbing. Which I will do this weekend, but replacing it with something that doesn't need pumps or other critical bits replacing every couple of years would be a good thing. It's the pump this time. Again $£@%£^^&I%*

And get a bunch of lights I've always wanted - not one of which will be made from titanium or come from the usual suspects on CPF. the Xeno Cube would be top of the list - the Q50 would be second. But since it'll probably be more affordable it is likely to arrive first.

And a few more giant schnauzers to keep the new assistant company.

But since I only have 5 living relatives and I'd like to keep them all, ain't happening any time soon.


It's printed right on the body ;)


I feel ashamed. :P

I'll wait for the actual hand-carry pics once the early adopters gets their hands on one. Looks fat and stubby.....don't know if it's good on the hand?

Well the nice part of this possible fat flashlight is that it has that side clicky for ease access with your thumb.

Zebralights are nice but the designs are really stupid .I see the block (Q50) as another poor design choice . The tailcaps on these lights are like a lid to a jar ..The fact that you had to unscrew the tail to lock out a 75$ light is retarded and insulting .headlamps are over-rated imho i'm not going to wear something sweaty and stupid on my head unless it's a matter of life or death ,Clipped onto your body is never a very sucessful adventure either .the light is in your eyes tilted ,too bright not where you really need it etc etc etc ..I like the lights ,I like the concept ..I just don't think it works in the real world .Sometimes i think they need a shade ...The Q50 needs a nice "Hello Kitty " shade and an AM/FM radio built in ..They would make nice bookends .


I disagree on headlamps though. I do lots of camping and canoe trips, and even working on my car. A headlamp is the first lighting source I will pack for my trips. Being hands free working in the dark is the only way to go, especially out in the wilderness. I go with a group of up to 20 people sometimes paddling several lakes/portages into the middle of nowhere, and every one of them rocks a headlamp as a priority. Absolutely love them!

Haha, I love the headlamp format, torches are cool to carry, but when you actually want to do work the headlamps rule. Its a potentially sweaty headband, or a saliva soaked tail end of a torch, and worn out teeth...(or chewed up lips)

I like the quad format for the cells, however I wonder how the sharper corners feel in the pocket.

You never fail to get a chuckle out of me. I disagree with just about everything you said, but smiled the whole time I was reading it. :slight_smile:

They've changed the switches so they are harder to activate so you don't have to worry about it turning on in your purse. I wouldn't want you to chip a nail loosening the tailcap a quarter turn. :p

I like the Q50 but probably won't get one as I've moved to primarily Li-on. Not to mention I won't buy any that are missing a "w" at the the end.

I like their designs in general...not sure about this brick however. The problem with all the more powerful lights are that they just get to big and bulky. Some many need larger lights but I don't.

Disagreeing with Boaz also.

I gifted 3 H51´s and have since that regretted NOT getting one to myself.

Bought instead a SC51w, which is great but surely will be the LAST warmish flashlight I ever buy :D Color is more likely "cafe latte"...

Things I like in SC51: easy use, side clicky, enough modes yet simple to use. GREAT efficiency & runtime, output is high for one AA. Quite small in size.

I believe I would like Q50 for it´s almost uncomparable shortness vs. output, efficiency, AA-format etc...

I knew this was not going to end well for me :P..

Zebra The sacred cow

Q50...Actually I'm glad to see them thinking outside the box <- punintended .

One of my dream designs is a lunchpile light that interacts with you and shines light ,tv ,internet ,videophone etc into a holographic 3-d image . it's also the phone computer mp3 TV and hello kitty nightlight.

Q50 This is about the size I'd like it to end up being ..

Mitro > ..... I do know where Illinois is ....

Not so fast...

There are a few things still to come, which can ruin Q50 at least for me.

Well, I know price is going to be high so just that may keep me not buying it. It may have bad PWM but I seriously doubt that. Bad modes or such would be a dealbreaker for me also or lousy tint. I will wait for a while and listen, how they perform. As usual, not going to buy anything without getting reviews first. BUT, I must say my expectations are rather high...

Well if you stop by I’ll take you out for a fancy dinner. McDonalds OK with you? :slight_smile:

I don't deny being a very loyal ZL customer (re: fanboy), but there's a reason for that. They're damn good. Everybody has their own tastes and that's why there are SO many lights.