Selfbuilt's Wurkkos TD01 Review

My latest review:

Wurkkos TD01

This is Wurkkos’ new TIR-based heavy thrower, running off a single 21700 cell and the low profile SFT40 emitter. It’s a remarkably compact light for the beam it throws. Check out my full review for beamshot comparisons. But here’s a runtime teaser to get you started:

Obviously that isn’t the sort of voltage-regulation you would like to see. But it is offered at at an incredible budget price for the beam. I’ll have more to say in the full review.

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Wow, 3.5 stars. Its a pass. I will wait for 2.0 model.

To be fair, all overall rating systems are subjective. I tend to attach a lot of weight to circuit features (regulation, efficiency) that may not matter to the end user.

It is certainly an incredibly focused spot beam of a light, at an unbelievable price. But I do agree that a few tweaks would be greatly appreciated.

Saw a post today over on reddit where wurkkos Terry said a buck driver version is in the works. Lets hope so.

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