Selling my Emisar lights- D4S, D4, D1

Selling my D4S, D4, and D1. All three are in excellent condition - I just don’t use them enough. The D4S has some very minor scuffs on the tail cap from using the magnet to stick it to things. The D1 never really got used and the D4 has two super tiny scratches less than 1mm in width around the on/off button. No scratches on any of the lenses and all of them work perfectly.

The D1 is XPL HI NW, the D4S is XPL HI NW, the D4 is XPL HI warm white. My desk is tan colored so it makes the D4S tint look warmer than it would be normally.

Ideally I’d like to sell them all for $100 (shipping included). If you want them individually please just make me an offer for what you think it’s worth. I’m located in Philadelphia.

Edit - I noticed the aux LED’s on the D4S look blue to me - they’re the cyan/greenish color in real life.

Pictures here

Pm sent on the d4

Just to be clear, the D1 and D4s are 3A tint and the D4 is 5D? Is that correct?

Ill take all 3. Email me at