Setting with ImaxB6

I start using an Imaxb6 to charge/test my cell... I know that someone in the forum has the same charger.What "setting" you use?

- Max runtime

- Charging current

- Discharging current

- etc...

Any other suggestion about the value of other setting?

I can help you. What do you need exactly?

-Charging current, depending on the chemistry and capacity of the bateries you want to charge.

For example, Li-Ion, is safe/good maximun 1C or less. NiMh, 0.5C or less (except fast charge)

-Discharge current, depending also on chemistry and capacity. This charger has a maximun discharge rate of 1A.

Li-Ion, let´s say 1C or 2C. NiMh.... 0.5C 1C...

Turn the max runtime OFF. If you set it for 120 mins. and it takes 130mins to discharge you will have to charge it and start over.

I only charge and discharge at 0.5a/1.0a

Ok, thanks for help. I will turn max runtime off.

Fran can you tell me Charging current, discharging current and time needed (approximately) for Nimh (2000 mah eneloop) and Li-ion (TF flames 2400 mah or XTAR 2400mah)?

When you set voltage the value "AUTO" can really understand if i am charging one battery or a pack (without balancing cable obviously)?

Eneloop, I suggest 500mA charging and discharging current for better capacity (5,6 hours)

TF Flames 2400mAh, suggest to charge anything from 0,5A to 1A. Discharge max 1A

I dont use AUTO, I use man

Ok. Got it. Thanks again!

If you have any other problem or question, feel free to ask. However, the imax b6 manual is veery well explained. At least mine...

From what I heard you should use the lipo (till 4,2 volt) option instead of the lion (till 4,1 volt) selection.

When would you want to discharge a battery? I never used this option. Do you need manual set the cut-off for this? And if so how high is it.

I discharge/charge my new batteries to make sure they are good. Discharging batteries tests capacity and strength. If they don't measure up the retailer gets a call/email and return/refund process starts.

Yes, for 4.2 volt batteries you have to select the Lipo option.

For discharging, I use Li-ion option too