SF-348 Warm white

Hi all
there are several sellers that have on sale this flashlight
but wich of them have the model in Warm white?
Gearbest have three link
so where get the Warm model or will be a lottery?

It is not a lottery.

When the led is said XP-E, the light will be cool white. All 3 links you give above have the XP-E led, so are cool white.

Then there is the BLF-special edition with Nichia 219B V1 led, this one is neutral tinted, so less cool white (and high CRI).

A really warm tinted SF-348 does not exist as far as I know.

Singfire’s original is what you want.
I don’t know if it’s available anywhere, ’oogle will help.
Using the Search function here turns that up. One result:

thanks hank
I have looked before this photo,but presume it’s old stock
howewere sent two questions to GB staff if the classic 348 is WM and first reply ‘’yes’’
Second said ‘’cree xpe R3’’.
looking new photos don’t seem WM.

There’s a WW 348 for sale in somebody’s sales thread as a pair with a Nichia 348

do you know wich sellers?

Pm sent
Check your messages

The warm-looking original Singfire is the one they identified as ‘Neutral’ — that’s why it caused so many comments.
I bought some, and all the ‘neutral’ emitters I got then (more than a year ago) are as warm as shown.

Can’t promise you can still find them though.

Remember Rule 1 about buying online from China — the sellers don’t know what they’re selling, because they’re just collecting the money and then paying some drop-shipper somewhere else in China to send something like what they think you thought you’d be getting. It’s kind of like the “whisper game” by the time it gets back to you it’s often enough unrecognizable.

I googled for: SingFire SF-348 neutral (choosing “verbatim” from Search Tools helps)

this might be worth gambling on: http://www.dx.com/p/singfire-sf-348-cree-xp-e-r3-170lm-1-mode-white-mini-keychain-flashlight-silver-1-x-10440-1xaaa-319073

belated XREF, if you want to change your emitter, it appears rather easy to do: