SFT40 4000K & 2700K 95CRI are here!!!

Kaidomain just listed the SFT40 4000K!

Note: It’s a FB4 so it’s above BBL


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I’d take a little green for a high CRI in a thrower. Hopefully the efficiency is somewhere in between the 5k and the 3k…

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Noooo! My wallet!

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@koef3 when are you free to do some testing? :grin:
These sound super exciting!!

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Fb4 is a little disappointing, I think I’ll wait and see how they turn out

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I ordered 1 before making this post.
I have an Opple and plan to post an update after it arrives.

Kaidomain typically likes to wait a while before shipping my orders, so don’t hold your breath!

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Thanks for this, fingers crossed

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Would be very green I think. FB4 is not a good sign.

But „-1 left in stock" at KD is also not a good sign either, so I cannot order them because of an error on the page :smiley:

If someone can send me 2 pcs I can test them :smiley:

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I suspect the same that you wrote. FD1 are probably the best

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I think FD2/FA3 would be also good. Bu everything above these color groups is simply gambling in terms of good tint… (in best case, in worst case it will be just vomit green)

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The famous vomit green😂

I’m a bit more hopeful about the SFT40 in comparison to the SST20–although both 4000K, the lack of a dome on the SFT40 requires a different (cooler) phosphor mix, which could change things up. So even if green, we’d be looking at a different flavor of green!

The binning itself could also be off. The 519As in 4000K and above are supposed to be noticeably green on average, but in practice they are generally neutral or rosy. On the other hand even the rosy bins of SST20 can be green at times…

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The question for me is if the tint be better or worse then the low cri SFT40 version?

SST20 is a more of an outdoors emitter than for indoor photography. It looks great in lush green areas.

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Depends on the tint. Slightly greenish tint is okay outdoors, but if it is really like vomit green then it is no fun at all to look at. And unfortunately most of the Luminus emitters are more like vomit green. Which is a shame because from technical point of view these emitters aren’t bad.
I think Luminus has to remember why the 519A is beloved by many people, even those who are not deeply into the flashlight topic. It is not only the good design and good beam, it is also the tint and consistent (with exceptions of course) good tint, with mostly a little bit rosy in it.

But we all know: if Luminus emitters are bought in masses despite the color groupings, they make things right.(For maximum profit)

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I literally jumped out of my seat as soon as I saw this post :joy:
Although it’s FB4 but hey, at least 4000K is here…

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2700K is now available.

JD2 Bin:

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Ahhh, now that’s interesting!

Ah, now we are getting to the really interesting stuff, relatively high luminance with more or less guaranteed rosy tint and good beam profile. Would be interesting to compare these with dedomed 3500 K 519A in terms of luminance and tint. :smiley:

(Only 0 left btw, as usual :smiley: )

I think I will order some of these 2700 K SFT-40 since these are much more interesting for me as these greenish 4000 K ones. Btw, I wonder what the “L5” in the given P/N of Kaidomain stands for. It is not a designator for flux binning, nor voltage or tint. Really odd.

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Yes, and the “good” bin of SST20 2700K (maybe it was 3000K) that kaidomain has been selling. I’d find a link but their website seems to be down right now.