Shadow JM07 with sideswitch and double 26650!

Is this cool or what….

2S looks a bit funny though…

Just saw this yesterday. I am loving how the side switches are becoming more and more popular!!

Just ordered 1! I love my older version JM07 so much, I was thinking of getting a second and using 2 on my bike. I’ll get it in a couple of days as I’ve ordered it locally. My local dealer only had the 1A cold white tint which is a massive ball breaker, I really wanted NW :frowning: That and I really couldn’t be ar$ed waiting for another light ordered internationally, I needed something to ease my suffering while waiting for my SF L2T’s and L2M. I’ll do a show and tell when I get time…

An other good point is that they also add a bezel ring.
I was waiting a 26650 flashlight like this for my bike, very tempting flashlight,

Yeah the SS bezel looks killer, although I would rather have a foybezel. Can’t wait to get it…

I could see this light becoming a favorite. Please keep us updated on this one.

Just got it today, but no extension tube :expressionless:

I’ll try and get a review up this week.

Anyone know if the extension tube can be connected to the PRO version JM07?

From which store did you buy it, CNQG or Outdoor store ?

Interesting… Forward clicky and momentary side switch? I wonder how easily the driver can be swapped for a NANJG105C with custom firmware (like TheKlone35).

Whoever gets it, could you open the driver compartment and take a photo?

Got mine from a local shadow dealer in Vietnam.

I just finished a review, well at least it’s saved to my laptop. Looks like there’s some site maintenance going on as I can’t yet add it to the forum. The driver doesn’t appear easy to get to. From the bottom of the pill it looks like it will screw out, I can’t see any solder in place however it won’t unscrew. I can’t tell if it’s press fit, glued or soldered yet. Further the stainless steel bezel is fixed, and I’m not yet willing to take it apart as I don’t want to get it scratched. Might be more game a little later, I’ll probably freeze it and try and unscrew it, but right now I can’t get a look at the driver from either direction. Seems shadow doesn’t want people playing around with the engine. More to come with the review.