Shadow JM20, any good? I cant find a review on it. : (

Hi all, I have yet another question, this time its about a gift for my brother who is heading to Europe in 2 months with his wife. A a going away present Im looking at buying him the Shadow JM20 (yes, you are responsible for that, I would never have thought to give a torch as a going away gift, but its a brilliant idea, I know its something I would want). They are on special at CNQ and Im ahppy with the price. I already ordered a Soshine LCD 1 cell charger, and I was already waiting on some of Panasonic protected 3400’s (6 coming, I will part with 2) which I will hopefully have soon (been waiting 4 weeks or so) and a Shadow reducer from 26650.

Any advice on the Shadow JM20, Ive seen reviews on other Shadow products but not that one? How would it compare the the Sunwayman v25c I have here (apart from UI)? An alternative is the Trustfire A8 posted about in another thread too I guess. Or the JM07 which is reviewed, but I thought might be EDC, but on the larger size for EDC doing the touristy thing.

Key is easy and convenient to put in your pants pocket and EDC. I like the tube like form factor without a bulby head and Id like it to be something decent in quality as its a going away gift Im hoping will last a long time, not necessarily budget.


There’s no review because it’s a very new light.

Shadow are a middle range light, not budget or not quite premium quality, but they make nice lights and excellent mod hosts, I’ve got quite a few of their models. If you’re wanting an EDC wouldn’t it be better to get a 18650 tube light? The JM20 would still be pocketable, albeit a little bulky with the thicker tube. Compared to the V25C, which I also have, beam profile would be similar, just a bigger light with a larger battery capacity, and not quite the overall quality of a sunwayman light.

You could be right about the size. Personally I find the slightly thicker tube to be of little issue, but I cant say my brother will agree, I cant answer that. Its the bulby heads of the wider lights that annoy me so thats what Im working off. Decent reflector size, in a tube shape, might as well have the 26650 option I thought. It wasnt a point I was looking for, its more that I saw it once i located that light. Right now CNQ has the JM20 for $38 and I cant seem to find another light that is the same shape (tube, not bulby head) but still a decent size in reflector. Im happy to look at other lights, I just dont want to get a convoy or similar. Im happy with middle of the road price wise. As I said, I was considering moving up to the JM07 ($48), as thats about the extent of ‘bulby’ head as Id like. But at that money Id go up to a Sunwayman at around $50 or so, but they seem to be over $60, Im rethinking that now you say they are better quality. I do like the one here. I also like the idea of OP reflector too, as from what Im reading all over the place here is it helps to remove any artifacts from the beam up close.

The other attractive feature is it appears to have a single hidden blinky mode, and the light itself runs just 3 modes, fairly straight forward and all I think is needed. 2.5A its not badly under driven, but also wont be too hot to run for extended periods.

The JM20 looks like a good offer at $38 considering it’s priced at $60 at a local dealer in Vietam. Olight do some 26650 lights but are expensive, the A8 is a nice budget light, although mine had tailcap issues which maybe something to consider for a person who doesn’t have much experience with flashaholism. If you end up getting the JM20 be sure to post your thoughts on it.

Just make sure that it will take whatever batteries you plan on using in it as some shadow lights will not fit protected batteries from memory.

Unprotected would be a deal breaker, I see an email to Ric coming up. Thanks for the heads up, I hadn’t considered it at all. Ive read that before, Im aware to consider the use of protected cells, but I never even considered it here.

If I buy it, I wont be using it (I will test it obviously, but only one off, change modes etc then pack it up again) so I could only talk about it generally, and Im not very versed in doing that. But I will make an effort anyway, try to use a review already here as a template.


I’ve been able to use protected and unprotected cells with all my shadow lights, that includes the VG10, VG20, TC6, JM07 pro and JM07 side clicky. Some of the older 18650 models were a little tight with protected cells, however they’re still usable. The newer models have had improved tailcap designs.

Unless you’re referring to some of the Roche flashlights like the F12 or F8.

any updates?

bueller? bueller?

Sorry, I never went ahead with the light. Issues with CNQ and Ric being as they have been, I decided against it. My brother has already had his 4 month jaunt, sans light. I plan to give him an EE BLF Special instead.

Hi, did any of you bought Shadow JM20?
I’m looking for info about the diameter size of driver and leds MCPCB.